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Scorpion 1×03 ‘A Cyclone’: Rock you like a hurricane

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We will Rock you!

For three weeks now the show has been improving, with each episode being better than the last. The writing has really stepped up and the cast is starting to really work well together. As long as they keep this upward climb, and the ratings stay as consistent as they’ve been, we’ll be looking at a new fall hit.

The promise of this show, a team of super geniuses with no social skills saving the day, means crazy science, a good team dynamic, and comedy. Not necessarily true science, this is tv after all, but science that is passable for the world the show creates. Case in point, MacGyver, we believe that MacGyver can build a torpedo in a boiler room out of rags and a pipe because that’s the world MacGyver presents us with. Second, the team, the reason why so many love the acronym crime dramas: CSI, NCIS, SVU, etc. is because they have a fantastic cast that works well together and is well written. Lastly comedy, a show involving people with no social skills begs to be hilarious. Now you don’t go all Big Bang Theory, it is a crime drama, but there needs to be comedic relief. So, the point of all this is that this episode was very good and I therefore do not have much to complain about, so in lieu of that I want to point out a scene where all of that was execute

Source: CBS We are so casual right now

Source: CBS
We are so casual right now

d very well.


So someone set us up the bomb, and blew up a law firm, and also the whole internet for the west coast… apparently they house the internets in the basements of law firms. Scorpion is not on the case, because they embarrassed themselves in front of the director of Homeland Security earlier in the episode. But they go anyway, because they have something to prove, completely ignoring Paige who is only being cautious. There’s some solid back and forth dialogue and while not an effective team dynamic  it is certainly and entertaining one for the purpose of a tv show. Then Happy builds a listening devise out of an umbrella.  I believe my exact words last week were, ‘she better MacGyver something important in the next few episodes or I’m gonna be sad’ … so I think that qualifies. Then when the suspect walks out of his apartment and sees them acting ‘casual’ by standing there, holding a bunch of junk, and trying so hard not to stare at him, he runs. It’s hilarious. They chase him each contributing in their own humorous way. Then he is hit by a bus and put in a coma. It was great. Crazy inventive science, entertaining disorganized team dynamic, and a hilarious awkward social situation caped off by the fact that they failed.

Source: CBS That is the sweater vest of a true hero

Source: CBS
That is the sweater vest of a true hero

In fact they fail the whole case. All the evidence is destroyed and the guys gonna walk, but wait, Sylvester has an eidetic memory. He also briefly looked at the incriminating emails. So he remembers every single act of treason our bad guy has ever done and can recite them verbatim. So with a little bit of digging Homeland Security can find all the evidence they need. BOOM! We’re super geniuses and we just saved the day. Not with an attractive woman, fast car, and crazy action scene, but with really, really, ridiculously good memories. That’s fun, that’s different, that’s a show I want to watch. Here’s hoping Scorpion only gets better.

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