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Scorpion 1×02 ‘Single Point of Failure’: Hide the coffee mugs

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So in a marked improvement from last week’s episode, this week’s was rather enjoyable. This time there was actually a bad guy to catch, and bioengineered diseases and such. We also got some better character interaction and less CGI, always a good thing.

Source: CBS Have you tried these sandwiches?!

Source: CBS
Have you tried these sandwiches?!

First off: backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds! Everyone got their background stories this episode, well mostly. Walter has a loving big sister fighting Multiple sclerosis, a ‘problem’ that Walter can’t solve. This of course drives him to break coffee mugs. Toby’s fiancée walked out on him, and for all his knowledge about human behavior he can’t figure out that it might have had something to do with his crippling gambling addiction. Happy has abandonment issues because she was orphaned and with her eidetic memory she remembers every time someone has wronged her. We already got Paige’s backstory from the last episode, genius son, and all that, and Agent Gallo’s daughter died, apparently. Now although all these backstory’s do seem to be worth watching, it was a little unusual for EVERYONE to get their background stories revealed all in the same episode. From here I hope they start to focus in a little bit and just deal with a single character’s issues per episode. Sylvester is really the only one who didn’t get a backstory, mainly because he was too busy saving the day.

Source: CBS Hi, I'm totally not breaking in to steal stuff right now... smooth.

Source: CBS
Hi, I’m totally not breaking in to steal stuff right now… smooth.

That’s right Sylvester actually helps in this one. Yet he doesn’t do any math… he sneaks into a pharmaceutical lab to steal confidential patient records. That is a reasonable use for a human calculator. Sarcasm aside it’s just an odd choice for his character. Happy doesn’t fare much better.  In this episode all she really did was some off screen computer hacking and drove a car into another car. For a mechanical prodigy she really doesn’t do much mechanical. I mean you have a cast where there’s a federal officer who is the team’s handler, a mother who mediates, the leader who leads and does computer stuff, a human behavior guy who does human behavior stuff, and then a mechanic who does… computer stuff? And a human calculator who rarely calculates? It’s almost as if the writers don’t know what to do with these two so they just have them fill whatever role is needed. ‘We need someone to drive the car,’ have Happy do it. ‘We need someone to break in,’ have Sylvester do it. Now with Sylvester it’s really not that bad because we got several great moments from him namely: the fear of jail time overwriting his mysophobia (fear of germs), and his selfless donation of his only income to the children. Now happy did have an interesting moment as well. After a speech about how she doesn’t trust people because they fail, yet tools never let you down, her screwdriver breaks. But still, she better MacGyver something important in the next few episodes or I’m gonna be sad.

Overall this was a good episode. Defiantly better than the pilot, always a good sign. What they need to do now is continue moving up. More sciencey crimes, more balanced use of the group’s talents, and a little more focused on the backstories.  Looking forward to ‘A Cyclone’ next week.

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