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Scorpion 01×06 ‘True Colors’: Brought to you by Lowcountry Chevrolet, just off the 56 connector

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It would seem that Scorpion would like to get all of their TV tropes out of the way within the first season. Two weeks ago was the required Las Vegas themed episode, last week was the villain from the forgotten past, and this week it’s the flashback episode, and it was sort of weird.

First off the Flashback part, the episode starts in the middle of some crazy circumstance and the team is forced to see a psychiatrist who will decide whether they can keep helping Homeland Security. So they each sit down with the psychiatrist and collectively tell the story. Just like the Vegas episode this is the same old trope that every show inevitably will do at some point. But this is season one. Why are we falling back to cliché so early in a show’s run? On top of that it’s a crossover episode.

Source: CBS She reminds me of Edna Mode from The Incredibles. She even gives them costumes!

Source: CBS
She reminds me of Edna Mode from The Incredibles. She even gives them costumes!

So, background, the popular CBS show NCIS is a spinoff of the former CBS show JAG, and now NCIS has 2 spinoffs of its own. One of those spinoffs, NCIS: Los Angeles, already did a crossover with another CBS show, Hawaii Five-0. And now you can add Scorpion to the list of shows joining the acronym riddled CBS Crime universe. Apparently the bosses of all the teams from all the shows know each other; I imagine they have tea on Tuesdays. Enter Hetty Lange, played by Linda Hunt, whose eclectic hobbies prove invaluable. The plot depended on the use of her connections not only to the intelligence community, but the European art community and her extensive costume collection. What an interesting show NCIS: Los Angeles must be. The general purpose of the crossover is an attempt to get people that watch Show A to watch Show B because Show A’s characters are in it. Usually because either, Show B is not doing too well and they want Show A’s audience to give it a chance, or because Show A and Show B are both doing well and they want them to do better by combining the audiences. Neither could be said about Scorpion before the show aired, when the decision to have Linda Hunt guess star was made. I guess they just decided to plan for every eventuality.

Source: CBS Close up to show it's Chevy's Wi-Fi and not the Starbucks down the street.

Source: CBS
Close up to show it’s Chevy’s Wi-Fi and not the Starbucks down the street.

Yet it gets a little weirder because of the BLANTANT product placement for Chevrolet.  You know those new Chevys that have Wi-Fi built in? Well it turns out Paige owns one and it is vital to the operation’s success. Walter specifically takes her car for the Wi-Fi, and then later makes a point of saying, ‘Use the built in Wi-Fi’ completely out of character I might add, and then Happy responds with, ‘got full bars.’ She then proceeds to use said Wi-Fi, and an app on her tablet, to take control of another car’s ‘operational mainframe’ and turn off the engine. So… Chevy’s Wi-Fi is so good it can take control of other electronic devices that are not connected to Chevy’s Wi-Fi. What? I’m sorry all I’m hearing is, ‘blah blah blah, technobabble, blah blah blah, 0% financing, blah blah blah, stop by your local dealer.’ It’s a commercial!

Source:CBS I'm a gigantic brain!

I’m a gigantic brain!

My point is that on the surface, just on premise, this is not the writing of a fresh new show, brimming with ideas, ready to separate itself from the pack, but that of a dying show that had already jumped the shark and is on its way out. I mean a recycled cliché plot, a character from a different show as the main selling point, and major product placement saying, ‘we’re desperate for money and ready to sellout.’ But this is the first season! I don’t understand. Now once you look past that, overall I did enjoy this episode. It was fun, everyone was great in it, there was just enough of a twist from the cliché plot to be interesting, and Hetty was funny. So either A, by the sixth episode they have already ran out of ideas, or B they proved that they could take a bad script idea and make it entertaining. I imagine it’s the latter. On the plus side it does show that when they do eventually run out of ideas Scorpion will still be a pretty entertaining show with a 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty.

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