Schitt’s Creek 1×06 ‘Wine and Roses’: We’re gonna boom this thing all right

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We’ve seen Alexis and David try to tackle the local workforce in Schitt’s Creek, albeit reluctantly (or court-mandated), but this week, it’s time for their parents to roll up their sleeves to bring home the bacon. Only, it goes about as well as you’d expect for this family.

I’d been wondering when we’d finally see Johnny try his hand at the business game, such as it is, of his new hometown. Not surprisingly, his instinct is to jump in and take over, still claiming that his vast experience gives him clout to do so — even though it’s that same attitude that led to him losing his fortune. It’s interesting to me that the more we see of Johnny, the less likeable he is: his heart is in the right place, but he’s less straight man now, and more arrogant outsider.

The local entrepreneur he is targeting being a complete doofus about his business and how to promote it was predictable and not very funny to me, but the twist that Herb Ertlinger really just wanted a meeting with the Roses to ask Moira to be his company’s spokesperson was refreshing. I do like the running gag that everyone in town seems to have been obsessed with Moira’s soap opera, so it makes perfect sense, in this universe, that they’d take advantage of the fact that its star is living among them. Besides, I wasn’t expecting Johnny to be such an overbearing manager, but in the end, he proved he knows her best.

I'd definitely put a cheese plate in my rider / Source: Pop TV

I’d definitely put a cheese plate in my rider / Source: Pop TV

Moira losing her cool due to nerves on the commercial shoot was also a fairly common plot device, but it was still surprising to me, because so far we’ve seen Moira completely confident in her acting, as with the high schoolers a few weeks ago. Yet, I felt oddly compelled by her panic (which paralleled well with David’s) — she’s been ostracized by her peers in her previous life, so she feels like everything is running on this local commercial for a winery no one’s ever heard of, for her great comeback. Sure, she’s over-the-top about everything, but like with her son, there’s a kernel of truth there, and I’m curious if this leads to anything.

Speaking of which, David demonstrates another brief moment of self-awareness that makes him shockingly endearing to me. I wasn’t certain why he was suddenly having panic attacks — diagnosed by the local veterinarian no less — other than maybe being forced to sleep on low-thread-count sheets, but the unfiltered realization during the yoga class that he’s lonely now was refreshingly honest and moving, and Dan Levy did a great job at balancing David’s selfishness with his unhappiness. I wonder if this has been building since even before the great crash, given that everything in his life seemed superficial until then.

Alexis is still on community service duty, and Mutt finally asks what I’ve been thinking for weeks — why does she insist on wearing haute couture to pick up trash?! I was surprised by how much I liked her answer: that if Naomi Campbell could show up to her community service in her runway best to prove this wasn’t going to get her down, then she would, too. She’s still as shallow as a dinner plate, but she’s demonstrating more spunk every week, and I appreciate that. I even like her chemistry with Mutt; again, it’s predictable that they fall for one another, but they’ve got an easy vibe that makes it somewhat believable, despite the absurdity.

Source: Pop TV

Source: Pop TV

I’ve gotta say, Moira’s commercial in the tag felt more Christopher Guest-like than this show has felt all season, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing to me. Are you still on board, or are you checking out early?

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