Schitt’s Creek 1X02 ‘The Drip’: ‘It’s just townies in unironic haircuts’

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This week, one half of the Rose family tries desperately to get rid of Schitt’s Creek once and for all, while the other half begrudgingly begins to immerse themselves in the town as they realize they don’t have much choice. Does that mean they’re going to start wearing flannel and and driving pickups?

‘The Drip’ picks up not long after the pilot, and as the title implies, the Roses are dealing with leaky pipes dripping sewage (ew) all over their room, which finally spurs them to sell the town and get out of dodge. I would have thought that would be his very first course of action after the government seized all their assets, but I guess this is the groundwork for what will follow for the rest of the season — namely, that the Roses will try unsuccessfully to sell the town, only to slowly become part of its fabric.

Source: Pop TV

Source: Pop TV

That immersion comes unexpectedly by way of Alexis and David at a tailgate party. When Stevie invites David, I admit I wondered if she was doing it out of politeness, or if she’s got designs on David at all. Her April Ludgate-esque affect makes it hard to tell what her motivation is, but I’m leaning towards her trying to be genuinely friendly to the newcomers in her own way. In that vein, I’m actually looking forward to seeing more of her interaction with the younger Roses, because I think the contrast in their personalities could lead to some hilarious scenes.

For instance, she doesn’t have any time for their whining or spoiled requests (like Alexis’ made-to-order men), but she gives David a ‘townie’ alternative to drowning his sorrows by way of beer funnel chugging. It’s not the stiff drink he wanted, but it’s their means to an end, and I don’t think he was entirely unreceptive to it. I hope to see more of the two of them in particular in the future, because I’ve enjoyed how they play off each other in these first two episodes.

Source: Pop TV

Source: Pop TV

Meanwhile, the elder Roses battle with mayor Roland over the rights to sell the town, as they need his signature to be able to list it. While I thought Roland’s antics were a little tough to swallow — there’s only so long I can watch a grown man dig through a pot of fondue they’re supposed to be eating out of — what I do like about this is watching the interaction between such comedic greats as Chris Elliott, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Like last week, O’Hara steals every scene she’s in, and consistently has the best lines of the night. Yes, Moira is completely over-the-top, but that’s the whole point, to me: she’s a former soap star with a penchant for melodrama and an affinity for alcohol, of course she’s going to chew the scenery whenever she can, slaps and all.

After they finally get Roland’s signature, Johnny determines that they’ll just have to fix the town up (like house flippers would) before selling it, so that it doesn’t take another twenty years to find a new owner. It seems pretty obvious to me that as the Roses labor to spiffy up Schitt’s Creek, they’re going to slowly become part of the town, and adopt it as their home. It’s easy to see the setup coming from a mile away, but on a show like this, that’s the whole premise. If it brings more Catherine O’Hara one-liners on my screen, I’m still on board.

Are you partying with the townies, or are you ready to sell?

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