Scandal 4×20 ‘First Lady Sings the Blues’: Is Jake alive?

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This will be a short introduction because we need to get right into the cliffhanger from last week: Is Jake alive? Regardless the remaining members of Team Takedown have to go underground because Rowan’s gun is loaded and firing at anything that moves. Meanwhile Mellie’s campaign hits a snag when Sally Langston turns the nation against her and Olivia helps out a legendary KGB agent turned housewife. Let’s get to it, onto “First Lady Sings the Blues.”


Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Jake Needs a Doctor

Quinn comes into the office getting ready for the day when she is terrified to find Jake stabbed on the conference table. She checks him for vital signs, nothing. Huck arrives and checks Jake’s body. He’s warm. Huck pounds his fists into Jake’s chest and he wakes. Soon the rest of the team makes their way to OPA to help control the bleeding and figure out what to do. Quinn calls Charlie to set up a makeshift operating room equipped with its very own doctor. Problem is this doctor won’t perform surgery on Jake without a little help from Olivia [see No Payment, Favour]. David attempts to push through with the Grand Jury, but with Jake hanging on by a thread the team has to postpone their B613 takedown.

As the team helps find supplies to aid in Jake’s survival, Rowan meets with Russell who is not pleased with his agent. He knows Jake isn’t dead because he didn’t receive a threatening phone call. This prompts Rowan to take matters into his own hands by giving Russell a flesh wound. Olivia retrieves Russell and brings him to where Jake is, causing him to freak out and open up his wounds again. Olivia discusses with the team that Rowan will soon be out of their lives [again see No Payment, Favour], but Russell has something to say about that. Olivia returns to their safe house where she puts her foot down, no one will testify against B613 now because everyone will be killed. They agree and take Jake to a real hospital.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

No Payment, Favour

This week’s case of the week is a bit unique as it directly ties in with Jake’s situation. The doctor asks Olivia for a favour concerning one of his friends, a retired legendary KGB agent known as Black Sable. Olivia and Huck visit the woman’s house to find she is a grandmother that leads a pretty normal American life under the alias Mary Peterson. Turns out Mary retired after she got married and had her daughter, and after both of them died in a car accident she realized all the family members she took from other people. Now the KGB want her to complete a new assignment and she is opposed to it.

Olivia talks to her handler, but he won’t budge given what happens to traitors in Russia. She comes back to him with Rowan’s name and his burner phone to give Russia the chance to take out Command and he accepts. Olivia goes to Mary’s house, but finds Mary and her grandchildren executed in their living room. Olivia panics and returns to her car where a phone starts ringing. She opens her trunk to find Mary’s handler dead. And guess who is calling. “Against me, you’ll never win.”

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Conflict of Interest

The final story this episode follows the continue saga of Mellie’s campaign in Virginia. Voters are not onboard with her given the fact that she is First Lady and therefore a conflict of interest may arise between the two branches of government. After checking the legal side of things, Mellie’s team learns that she can in fact run because no First Lady has ever tried to. Seems everything is going to be smoother sailing until Sally Langston goes on her show The Liberty Report to throw Mellie under the bus for breaking her vow to her husband and the American people.

The campaign team decides to fight this accusation by sending Cyrus onto The Liberty Report to put Sally in her place (and he totally did, best scene of the episode). Even after Cyrus whooped Sally, the numbers barely improve. Fitz calls Olivia for some advice on Mellie’s campaign and the answer is simple: tell the people that Mellie will use her marriage to pull weight in the Senate for Virginia. Fitz is onboard, but Cyrus is furious saying it will make the administration look whipped and destroy any future career for him or Abi. Mellie comes out and says her piece and it looks like the people like it. Will this cause backlash for Fitz? Probably, should be interesting to see.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Final Minutes

Olivia takes Russell back to her house where he is on the phone with Rowan. They discuss the mysterious Foxtail before ending their call. Olivia hops on top of Russell and starts to seduce him before pulling out a gun and resting it on his head. She knows he’s B613 and that he attacked Jake. She wants to know about Foxtail and won’t take no for an answer. DAM.

What questions did this episode answer:

  • Jake is alive for now!
  • Rowan means business and likes to scare Olivia. Great parenting.
  • Olivia realizes that Russell is B613 and has him where she wants him.
  • Fitz is going to support Mellie no matter what it may do to his approval ratings. He is being the supportive husband she deserves.
  • Cyrus is not pleased with Mellie’s campaign as he possibly sees a Senate seat in his future.
  • Team Takedown are taking a step back to reevaluate now that one of their own was attacked.

What questions does this episode leave us with:

  • What is Mellie’s next move?

What did you think of “First Lady Sings the Blues”? Was it everything you wanted? Let me know in the comments below!

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