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With the return of Rowan in the final moments of last week’s ‘Honor Thy Father‘ you think that Scandal would be drama-filled and beyond frustrating. Instead, we get glimpses of Rowan at the beginning and end with a few other stories interspersed. The need to take down B613 is at an all-time high as Rowan returns. Meanwhile Olivia tries to fix a situation involving the death of the mayor’s wife and the Grant administration tries to pass a bill where the swing vote happens to be their newest Vice-President. Let’s get to it, onto “I’m Just a Bill.”


Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Marcus Walker, Mayor of DC

OPA’s case of the week is Marcus Walker, the activist in the Brandon Parker, Ferguson-centric episode that I highly recommend you watch if you missed it. Marcus has decided to run for mayor of DC, but he runs into a snag as he ends up having an affair with Natalie, the current mayor’s wife. OPA meets with Marcus at the mayor’s house where he stands over Natalie’s dead body covered in blood. Before fingers are pointed at him, Marcus explains that masked men entered the house and stabbed Natalie while he hid.

Olivia suggests that they dispose of the body, the evidence and pretend as if nothing happened. This prompts the mayor to open a missing persons case for his wife, but the spotlight is thrown onto Marcus when emails between him and Natalie surface in the investigation. It does not help that he threatened her in these emails and in the end Marcus is brought in for questioning, but Olivia will have none of that. She barges into the police station and tears the captain a new one before taking Marcus out.

During their own investigation, OPA discovers that the mayor planned his wife’s murder, with various employees helping out for a little extra cash. With this new information Olivia goes to Marcus and says he can either go with his career or with justice. As the mayor resigns and Marcus is almost awarded his new political position he opts for justice and gives a statement to the police about the death of Natalie to help with the case against her husband. Funny how the police completely skipped over that OPA disposed of a body and tampered with evidence. That’s what happens when you’re living in Olivia Pope’s world.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Brandon Bill

The White House plot this week is surrounding Fitz’s goal to push through “The Brandon Bill” which is aptly named after Brandon Parker and the events of that episode. If Congress passes the pill it would benefit both Fitz’s presidency and Mellie’s campaign for senator of Virginia. As the team figures out the final numbers they discover that the swing vote is none other than new VP Susan Ross. The team attempts to manipulate the VP to vote in their favour, but she wants to know what she is voting for first and opts to read the entire bill.

Cue Susan Ross attempting to understand all the jargon within The Brandon Bill. As she takes her time Mellie tries to persuade her to just side with them, but Susan makes it clear that she will vote how she wants to and won’t be manipulated. Fitz believes he will have better luck persuading Susan and has a go at it. Instead, she convinces Fitz to work together on a new draft of the bill causing Mellie to announce her campaign with no bill coattails to ride on.

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Source: ABC

Papa Pope is Back

Alright, here is the biggie. Last episode ended with Rowan at Olivia’s door and that is how this one starts. Rowan, gun strapped to his back, reminiscences with Olivia. Well more belittles her before saying she has 48 hours to stop David’s B613 or else. As Rowan leaves he taunts a drugged Russell on the floor. Olivia covers up her father’s visit by telling Russell he blacked out. Back to David’s ongoing case where Jake has finally given a testimony against B613 revealing that Fitz and Rowan gave the order to shoot down a plane carrying 300 civilians. The news crushes Olivia, but instead of going to Jake or Fitz she calls Russell.

Russell meets Olivia at her apartment where he confronts her about his apparent blackout. He reveals he does not drink much and wants answers, but Olivia convinces him to stay as Russell and Alex to avoid any extra baggage. I find it odd that Olivia has not dug more into this guy’s background. It seems like she just accepted him at face value and went with it. Very un-Olivia like. After she fixes Marcus’ problem, Olivia returns home to find Rowan there. They argue and she refuses to stop David’s case against B613 prompting Rowan to threaten the lives of everyone Olivia holds dear.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Final Minutes

In the final minutes Jake goes to OPA looking for Olivia where he is attacked by a masked man. As they fight the assailant gains the upper hand and reveals himself to be Russell before repeatedly stabbing Jake. I KNEW IT. Russell is B613, he was Rowan’s plant. How obvious was it? Very. Was it still a shock to see this? YES.

This episode was alright, nothing flashy until the final few minutes and somehow even that felt lacklustre. The whole ‘Russell is Rowan’s B613 plant’ was expected from the moment we saw him. The whole White House plot did not do anything for the rest of the story. I’m hoping that Ross’ need to be a real politician causes problems for Fitz and Mellie’s bid for another White House run. Maybe Susan will become a favourite with her different style of governing.

What questions did this episode answer:

  • Susan is no slouch, she wants to make an impact.
  • Rowan is back in a big way as he can’t go a week without threatening someone’s life.
  • Olivia is apparently so traumatized that she completely forgot to background check the dude she was dating, who just happens to be working for her psychotic father.
  • Rowan means business, he showed that.

What questions does this episode leave us with:

  • Is Susan Ross going to be a thorn in the side of the Grants?
  • What is David’s next move against B613?

What did you think of “I’m Just a Bill”? Was it everything you wanted? What did you think of the surprise cliffhanger? Let me know in the comments below!

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