Scandal 4×18 ‘Honor Thy Father’: Who’s that knocking at my door?

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A ‘previously on’ always means that stuff is about to go down and until the last five minutes of this episode it almost did not, but then those last five minutes… Hopefully it is setting up a great start to a climactic finish for this season of Scandal. The title of this week’s episode seemed a bit too spoiler-filled making it seem like the episode would focus entirely on the return of Rowan Pope, but that was not the case. Instead, Olivia Pope is confronted by a Congressman who attempts to prove his father’s innocence. Meanwhile David Rosen and Team Takedown attempt to get their B613 plan in motion by rounding up old assets to testify and Mellie is visited by a family member she has an interesting relationship with. Let’s get to it, onto “Honor Thy Father.”


Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Congressman’s Conundrum

Olivia’s story starts with her mysterious man friend who reveals his name is really Franklin Russell and that he knows she is not Alex, but Olivia Pope. They get intimate when Olivia receives a call for another scandal. Congressman Nick Reed wants help proving his father’s innocence in the murder of Dan Hoffman, his sister Jamie’s math teacher, who molested her leading to her eventual suicide. As the execution date of his father approaches Congressman Reed pleads that Olivia takes his case. Olivia meets with George Reed who openly expresses his guilt to her saying Nick is holding on to a family that is long gone. However, as Olivia listens to George describe how he found Jamie she decides that he is innocent and will take the case.

OPA looks into the George Reed case and discover that Dan Hoffman raped multiple students throughout his teaching career. Some of the victims call George Reed a hero and others have blocked the events out of their mind. They discover that Dan Hoffman had a wife, but when Olivia goes to find her she discovers that Dan’s ex Lisa died a few weeks ago. Olivia calls Quinn to search Lisa’s home where they find a gun of the same caliber that killed Dan. After a ballistics report, it appears that George Reed is off the hook because Nick is the real killer. Nick wants to plead guilty, but George wants to be executed to save his son’s life. In the end George agrees to let his son confess. Congressman Reed resigns and pleads guilty to the murder of Dan Hoffman.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Senator’s Sister

In Mellie’s next big political step Elizabeth North is vetting all of Mellie’s family members to avoid any scandals during her campaign. As Elizabeth finishes a meeting with Mellie’s half-sister Harmony (guest star Lauren Bowles), she brings her concern to Mellie explaining that she could potentially break under the constant questioning of journalists. Cyrus is wary about what Harmony might do if the press get around her and enlists Abby to keep her hidden, then the dinner happens.

Mellie and Harmony get into a yelling match ending in Harmony threatening to reveal dirt on Mellie. Fitz gives Mellie a tough pep talk about staying strong, but she wanted him to play his role of first lady if she is going to be the candidate this time. As Harmony plans to leave, Fitz confronts her about the other night and goes into ‘First Lady’ mode. He apologizes for Mellie’s behaviour, blaming her jealousy of Harmony causing the two sisters to make up before she departs.

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Source: ABC

The B613 Blunder

David Rosen brings an immunity deal to Jake in order to testify against B613, but he declines as going up against command is signing his death warrant. Rosen threatens Jake who then counters him and tells the Attorney General to drop the case. However, Rosen does not care and ends up enlisting the help of Quinn, Huck and Charlie to round up ex-B613 members at a safe house to testify against Jake. Only problem there is that Rosen is unaware that Jake has bugged his office. Charlie returns to the safe house to find all of their assets killed. Jake enters from the other room and they fight before Jake escapes.

David insists that they need to find other agents to testify, but none will after they hear about what happened. When David leaves, Charlie tells Huck and Quinn that they need to kill Jake. Quinn disagrees as Jake is an important part of Olivia’s life, but Huck agrees with Charlie. He tracks Jake to find that he is at Olivia’s apartment prompting Huck and Quinn to rush over to find Olivia with Franklin. Jake emerges from the apartment across the hall (which seems to having a guest starring role itself this season) and tells them not to worry about Olivia. He says that as long as he is there she will be safe. The four of them meet to discuss the Jake problem and end up deciding to back down on the B613 case.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Final Minutes

In the final minutes Rosen is still haunted by the night when Jake killed James, but spared him. As Rosen walks to his car with his assistant Jake emerges from the garage and tells Rosen to stand aside. His assistant has a gun in her hand! She’s a covert B613 agent. Lucky for Rosen that Jake is still on his side as he shoots her. Jake was not the safe house killer and that she was in contact with Rowan.

Olivia is escorted home from Nick Reed’s press conference by Huck when she confronts him about lying to her about Jake. She was listening to the bugged office conversation with Jake. Olivia reminds Huck that if they want to take down B613 they have to work together. Huck wants to give Olivia protection, but she does not want it. Huck leaves and there is a knock at her door. Franklin shows up with Rowan at his side.

What questions did this episode answer:

  • Mellie has a bit of a problem in her half-sister Harmony.
  • Jake is still on the take down B613 side, but no one seems to be honest with their intentions.
  • Fitz isn’t always thinking about himself, despite what people think when he takes a backseat role in helping his wife’s bid for a Senate seat.
  • Rowan is back, but is Franklin associated with him in some way?

What questions does this episode leave us with:

  • What is Rowan going to say to Olivia?
  • What tension will happen between Mellie and Harmony as she attempts to run for Senator?
  • What is the next step for Team Takedown?

What did you think of “Honor Thy Father”? Was it everything you wanted? Did you enjoy the return of Rowan? Let me know in the comments below!

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