Scandal 4×15 ‘The Testimony of Diego Munoz’: Big Block of Cheese Day

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Don’t get the title reference? Well it refers to the day when government officials open their doors to listen to the public’s concerns (a term from Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing). It is not the Grant administration that opens their doors in this episode of Scandal, but one government official is faced with a hard decision when his past catches up to him. Meanwhile what the Grant administration is facing is already the first of most likely many scandals for VP candidate Susan Ross. Olivia continues to cope with her post-traumatic stress when a potentially OPA client returns in search of “the black lady.” Not a super engaging episode this week, but enough story to propel us forward to what should hopefully be a good finale. Let’s get to it, onto “The Testimony of Diego Munoz.”


Source: ABC

Source: ABC

VP Vacancy

The episode starts with Susan Ross (guest star Artemis Pedbani) being brought to the White House and prepped for the press conference announcing her as the new Vice-President. However, after Fitz introduces her she breaks down and makes odd noises that will certainly be a viral video. As the White House deals with the various media scrutinies against Ross’ selection as Vice-President, Leo Bergen attempts to make her the greatest candidate she can be. Only she cannot handle his rough tactics and would rather not run for Vice President. Abby confronts Leo about his tactics and although she is dating him Abby decides to fire him. Olivia decides to step in and give Ross a pep talk about the Vice-President situation and once again saves this apparently terrible administration.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Traumatized Olivia

Olivia is sitting on the floor of her apartment sipping wine while reliving her horrific past few months. Cyrus calls asking her to come in and help with the Ross situation, but she refuses. She hears an argument out in the hall where the older woman from ‘Where’s the Black Lady?‘ is fighting with the landlord. Olivia intervenes and ends up having a chat with the lady while seeing her neighbour’s death in flashbacks. Olivia comes back to the office and reveals to Quinn and Huck the death of her neighbour and how she was smuggled out under her body. After learning that the older woman was her neighbour’s girlfriend, Olivia continues to search for the right story to tell her neighbour’s friend and a body for a ceremony to give her solace.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Big Block of Cheese Day

Cut to David Rosen who gets a surprise visit from Huck’s wife Kim (guest star Jasika Nicole) with the B613 files in her possession. She explains that she got the papers from her husband as a way to convince her he was telling the truth. Shortly after she leaves, Rosen goes to OPA to discuss with Huck and Jake a man that Kim mentioned named Diego Munoz. However, Huck reveals that Diego Munoz is actually his real name. WHAT. (Not hard for us to peace it together though) Jake and Rosen are surprised, but Huck says he will handle it like any good gladiator. He confronts Kim who tells him that she told Rosen he would testify against B613. In the end Jake and Rosen convince Huck to testify against B613, but saying he does not remember anything that happened thus protecting the government. At Huck’s deposition he begins by saying he does not remember anything only to flip on the plan and start to tell his own version of the truth. Jake tells Rosen to shut it down, but Rosen wants to take down the bad guys. “We are the bad guys Rosen.” “Not anymore.

What questions did this episode answer:

  • Susan Ross definitely shows that experience in politics is a great asset.
  • Olivia deals with perhaps the most traumatizing part of her kidnapping, the murder of her neighbour in front of her.
  • The B613 files that Huck gave Kim resurface bringing one of the government’s biggest cover-ups to the attention of the courts.
  • Things are heating up for Abby and Leo, that means something will go wrong.

What questions does this episode leave us with:

  • What is Huck’s endgame?
  • Is Susan Ross going to develop into a surprise adversary for the Grants?
  • Does Olivia feel a bit better now that she has given her neighbour’s girlfriend solace?

What did you think of “The Testimony of Diego Munoz”? Was it everything you wanted? Were you surprised of the return of the B613 files? Let me know in the comments below!

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