Scandal 4×13 ‘No More Blood’: A most unexpected saviour

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That was the best hour of Scandal we have had this season, maybe even since season two. Am I a little biased based on who showed up? Most definitely. That does not detract from the fact that this episode was finally something less formulaic than the entirety of the Olivia Pope kidnapping storyline. Finally, we do not see an overabundant use of close ups on items Olivia may use to escape, or all the characters worrying about the clock winding down. Olivia is back up for auction, and while the gladiators try to win her the White House fears she may fall into the wrong hands and begin to look at other options. Lots of drama and sudden twists that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Let’s get to it, onto “No More Blood.”


The episode starts with Olivia being taken to the Iranians, but the deal fails when Gus takes Liv for the drop-off. Liv lies to both sides about their intentions, telling each side that the other is there for an ambush. Well played Liv. Mellie goes to Nichols and warns him, but he says he will make sure she never becomes president of the United States. “This is as high as you fly, Andrew. Go any higher, and you get shot down.” Fitz meets with the CIA Director in the war room who suggests it might be easier to dispose of Liv than save her given all the secrets she knows. However, Fitz does not care and is hellbent on saving Olivia no matter the cost, even if it is his presidency. Cyrus is incredibly pissed about Fitz’s childish behaviour so much so that he gives a whole monologue about quitting (which is the second best part of the episode).

“You moron. You child. When are you going to learn? The finest minds in our government have told you what needs to happen, and still… I built you from the ground up. You are all that I have to show for my life. I made you a warrior, I made you a king. I made you leader of men. And THIS is what you do? THIS is what you leave me with?”

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Mellie tells Elizabeth that she needs to handle Nichols, because she totally owes her for saving her from Huck. At OPA, Jake tells the team that Olivia is still alive and that Huck needs to hide the monster within prompting Quinn to make him promise: “No more blood.” Elizabeth shows up and tells Huck to help her make Nichols feel some pain, but with the promise he just made to Quinn he cannot go through with it. Dammit Quinn, just one more pleeeease? David tells Abby that the administration is considering killing Olivia, but Abby will have none of it. She confronts Cyrus about it where he agrees that if they lose the auction, Olivia needs to be neutralized.

The auction for Olivia is back on, and ‘Marie Wallace’ bids two billion dollars with the Russians matching the bid causing a tie. Gus asks Olivia which she thinks is best, and she picks Marie Wallace, but Gus thinks something is up and decides to choose the Russians. Abby comes to OPA to tell them that the CIA is going to kill Olivia and that they need to do something. Huck goes to Nichols, ties him up and sticks a needle in his back. He tells Elizabeth to call 911. Abby calls David about any Interpol help while Jake asks Olivia’s mom for advice. Although she has no contacts she tells Jake to visit Prescott Lake where he stumbles upon Rowan. Son of a- They have a discussion about Olivia and how without him in her life she has gone through hell. Jake asks for help, but Rowan replies with ‘I don’t have a daughter.’ OOOOH.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Cyrus and the CIA Director wait to launch their missile at Olivia’s drop site when their satellites show the buyer: Stephen Finch (guest star Henry Ian Cusack) our favourite Irish gladiator from season one who had a very premature exit. Olivia grabs Stephen’s gun, shoots Gus’ knee and beats the living daylights out of him. Cyrus and Abby talk, thanking her for taking the Interpol route as it allowed Stephen to use his connections to save Olivia. “Once a Gladiator, always a Gladiator.” Olivia asks Stephen to join OPA again, but he is happy with his life. The news reports that Nichols suffered a stroke and is in a vegetative state. Mellie got the last laugh.

OPA brings a disheveled Olivia to her home, which Huck secures with a completely necessary number of locks. She asks to be alone, but as they leave who arrives? Fitz of course! He asks if she got hurt and she lets him have it. She wasn’t raped, but she cannot believe his decisions were blinded by his love. He sent soldiers to their death for her and she cannot thank him for trying everything in his power to save her. She throws some rings at him and tells him to get out. And let the love triangle drama continue.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

What questions did this episode answer:

  • Looks like Mellie and Elizabeth got the last laugh with Nichols, getting rid of the problem once and for all.
  • ‘Once a gladiator, always a gladiator.’
  • Gus was not the smartest mercenary either.
  • Rowan does not care for Olivia anymore… for now.

What questions does this episode leave us with:

  • How long until more blood for Huck?
  • Who will become the next Vice-President?
  • If they are always a gladiator, will Stephen return later?
  • What is Mellie’s next step now that Nichols is gone?
  • How will the relationship between Olivia and Fitz, and Olivia and Jake be affected by her PTSD?

What did you think of “No More Blood”? Was it everything you wanted? Were you surprised or excited for the return of Stephen? Did you expect how Olivia treated Fitz? Let me know in the comments below!

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