Scandal 4×09 ‘Where the Sun Dont Shine’: Fall finale fiasco

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Damn you Shonda Rhimes.

Between the twists on Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder I need two apples on Thursday to keep the doctor away. So I really don’t know where to start because this episode went all over the place. The Winslow Scandal, the Rowan Scandal and the West Angola Scandal have all merged into a giant kerfuffle of information that had both my heart and head hurting. Be warned that the train of thought will go all over the place and nothing will seem coherent. Enjoy! Let’s get to it, onto “Where the Sun Don’t Shine!”


The Winslow Scandal

Quinn calls Olivia to inform her that Huck killed Kubiak and that Elizabeth North is in bed with Vice-President Nichols. Huck digs up information on the three conspirators to discover that they had only met one other time at Winslow’s firm. Quinn breaks in using one of Kubiak’s fingers to discover a company associated with Kubiak and North: WACO. As the other scandals unfold, and North visits Nichols in his office, Quinn discovers that WACO is an acronym for West Angola Commercial Organization, a part of the government connected to Winslow’s office. She also notices through surveillance footage that the Vice-President knew about the assassination attempt when he repositioned himself prior to the explosion. The only question: Why did they have a folder of Olivia Pope pictures?

I know I know that’s quite the condense description of what happened between North-Nichols and the rest of the characters in the Scandalverse, but I kept it more focused on the Winslow aspect of the scandal. North and Nichols will be explored more I promise!

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The Rowan Scandal

Jake and Fitz have sent soldiers to apprehend Rowan from B612 only to find he’s gone. However, they find an unexpected present: Olivia’s mother. Olivia visits her captured mother to inform her that she no longer has parents. Meanwhile Huck has rushed to Kim’s house to make sure Javi is okay, but Kim is adamant that Huck leaves as she doesn’t believe his spy stories. Jake meets a contact to receive footage from Rowan’s ambush. Almost immediately after he is attacked by a hitman, but is able to subdue him. The man was carrying a kill card for Jake. Rowan is cleaning house, and everyone has a target on their back.

Quinn meets with Charlie to warn him about the kill order. He teases her for caring and they get a bit frisky. Jake goes to warn Olivia about the kill cards, giving her a gun to protect herself. He teaches her how to hold it, getting close. Jake offers to close pandora’s box and go back into the sun. “The sun went down a long time ago, and it’s not coming back up.” Quinn sleeps with Charlie again to discover that he has a kill card for her. A fight ensues.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Huck finds information on Rowan, sending Jake to the location only to find that he isn’t there! Meanwhile Olivia comes home to find Rowan drinking wine in her dining room. He is acting like nothing is wrong until Olivia repeatedly tells him to leave, prompting Rowan to pull out a gun. He places the gun on the table and starts to denounce her. During his rant Olivia grabs the pistol and pulls the trigger, only to discover that it’s empty. Rowan cannot believe that she would shoot her own father and promptly leaves. ‘You will miss me when I’m gone.’ CHILLING.

Quinn and Charlie have stopped fighting by this point. He admits he can’t kill her, but they both feel hurt by each other. She can’t forgive him for ruining Huck’s life. He decides to make amens by giving her a few B613 files he saved. Olivia goes to visit her mother asking for answers about her father. Her mother compares Olivia to Rowan causing Olivia to become upset. ‘Cry me a river.’ Wow her mother is a-. Huck brings the B613 files to Kim as proof of his spy stories, making Quinn and Charlie even. Jake visits Olivia who couldn’t care less about her father. She distracts him with the power of dance. Jake professes his love for Olivia and she admits to wanting Vermont with Fitz. Dagger right through his heart. But she also wants the sun with him. She won’t choose either of them because she chooses Olivia. He kisses her and things get steamy, but after leaving for a couple of seconds Olivia is nowhere to be found.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The West Angola Scandal

Here we go. All the marbles, the big bad scandal. After Olivia learns about the conspiracy between North, Nichols and Kubiak, North visits OPA and threatens both Olivia and Cyrus. As Cyrus’s racy photos begin to leak Olivia tells the Grant Administration about the Vice-President’s affair with North and their scandal against the White House. Mellie is visibly upset. Olivia plans to handle it by setting up a fake marriage between Cyrus and Michael as America always likes a love story. Michael agrees, but Cyrus can’t do it feeling that it tarnishes the memory of James. Cyrus brings his resignation letter to Fitz who won’t accept it, but Cyrus won’t take no for an answer. ‘Thank you for your service Cy, it’s been an honor.’ ‘The honor sir, was all mine.’

Olivia visits Cyrus and tells him to man up because he’s the White House Chief of Staff. A newly motivated Cyrus agrees to Olivia’s plan, going on air with Michael to announce their engagement. Cyrus is back in the White House where Fitz visits him to ask about West Angola. They opt to not go to war which prompts an enraged Elizabeth to visit Mellie wanting answers. Mellie informs Elizabeth that she knows about her and the Vice-President’s affair, promising she will crush them in the next election. Meanwhile Nichols comes to the Oval Office to talk with Fitz, discussing the West Angola crisis. He explains that Fitz will go to war if wants to see the thing he loves most again: Olivia.

*Inaudible sounds*

This show took everything we ever thought was intense and threw it out the window, making it look like a tortoise in a race. This episode was powerful within the first few seconds and only built on it with every scene. I had to take a day before even writing this review because I was so speechless. I am yearning for more and I hate these mid-season hiatuses, but at least it’s only until the end of January. (Sorry SHIELD and OUAT fans, shots fired)

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

What questions did this episode answer:

  • All of the cases ended up being connected, bringing a whirlwind of drama to the Scandalverse. That’s it. No other questions. Every question was answered through the connection of the various scandals.

What questions does this episode leave us with:


What did you think of “Where the Sun Don’t Shine”? Was it everything you wanted? Did you expect that cliffhanger? Let me know in the comments below!

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