Scandal 4×06 ‘An Innocent Man’: The truth is like the sun

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The death of a former president has his closet full of skeletons revealed and a leak at the White House puts pressure on the current president. Meanwhile Quinn is going locker searching for clues in the Winslow case and Rowan is stifled by someone he thought was snug in his pocket. With conspiracies, deception, revelation and doubt; a lot has happened on this week’s Scandal, even more than last week’s “The Key.” Let’s get to it, onto “An Innocent Man!”


The case-of-the-week revolves around the death of a former president named Cooper. Now Cooper like Fitz survived an attempted assassination while in office, but the bullet was lodged in his brain. The man convicted of this attempted assassination was Leonard Francis Carnahan. However, when news breaks of Cooper’s death, Carnahan reaches out to Olivia to help him prove his innocence. With the hidden guidance of OPA, the White House charges Carnahan with the murder of Cooper stating that the bullet lodged in his brain caused the stroke that killed him. In the case the defense convince the court to retrieve the bullet from Cooper’s head to run ballistics to help in Carnahan’s case.

Problem is that the bullet is a match to the gun Carnahan had on his possession that day. Olivia confronts Carnahan to discover that he actually did attempt to assassinate the president and that he was known as the loser who failed to kill him, but now with this case he could be compared to the likes of Ford and Oswald because they proved that the bullet did eventually kill him. Carnahan was happy to get the electric chair to fulfill his legacy, but Olivia convinces Rosen to lock Carnahan up for life with no chance for parole, denying him the happy ending he wanted.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The other storyline that everyone wants to talk about is what is going on with Jake. Last week Fitz pummelled Jake, convinced that he could beat a confession out of his old friend. Well this week starts with Olivia dreaming about both Fitz and Jake, torn between them. She wakes up from this nightmare when Abby comes to comfort her. SHE STAYED OVER! Besties again? Yes! Abby goes to work to confront Fitz about Jake, saying that it’s hurting Olivia to not know where he is and that Fitz needs to let Olivia know about the situation if he still loves her. This prompts Fitz to go to Olivia’s apartment and explain the situation, after calling both Abby and Olivia a B**** no less. Olivia has none of it and wants Fitz to leave, such tension. Looks like this relationship is dead for good. Fitz meets with Rowan to discuss the issue of Jake. Rowan wants custody of Jake to punish him for his crimes, but Fitz is worried about Olivia’s need to see him. Rowan uses his charm to persuade Fitz to bring her to see Jake. “Don’t let love cloud your judgment.”

Fitz brings Olivia to the Pentagon where she finds a beaten Jake. He asks Olivia to make sure his mother receives his money, and he accepts his fate knowing that he was never Olivia’s choice. After Olivia leaves, Fitz gives custody of Jake to Rowan because, “You don’t take Command, Command takes you.” After the late president’s funeral Olivia confronts Fitz about Jake again, pleading that he doesn’t give Jake over to her father. Fitz is irate, explaining that Jake ruined everything including their relationship. Olivia threatens Fitz with any future chance of a relationship if he gives Jake to Rowan. “Are you saying there’s hope?” “There’s hope.” #TeamFitz goes nuts. Olitz is back. Funny how that happens when Mellie is back to herself. Fitz tells Jake he’s going to Supermax instead of being handed over to Rowan. “Consider it a gift to the woman we love.” Rowan confronts Olivia, furious that she intervened. Guess she has a few weapons of her own.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

As for the rest of our beloved characters here is a quick summary of what happened with them:

  • Mellie is back! She’s wearing real people clothes! Rejoice Scandalverse. Mellie is entrusted with the task of helping Cooper’s widow Bitsy plan his funeral. As Mellie continually meets with Bitsy she realizes how similar they are, particularly their unfaithful husbands. Bitsy explains how she was behind all the major decisions during her husband’s presidency, but she won’t be recognized for her accomplishments. This gets Mellie thinking, believing she should be making her mark so she will be remembered. This causes her to shut down a leak about military base closings that would put pressure of Fitz.
  • Cyrus is still seeing Michael, buying him a room, a phone and a bank account. But Michael is still giving information to Elizabeth, including plans to shut military bases overseas. However, Michael blackmails Elizabeth with knowing too much of her plan in order to get more compensation. Elizabeth speaks to the media about a potential White House leak about the base closures, prompting Cyrus to become enraged asking Abby to figure out who released this information. Elizabeth brings the closures to Mellie, asking her to take a stand on it publicly in order to put pressure on Fitz to make a decision. After Mellie talks to the press, Cyrus is irate with Abby and how she still hasn’t discovered who leaked the information. She points towards Cyrus’s secret life aka his boy-toy Michael. Is Cyrus finally going to be seeing clearly?
  • The Winslow case continues in this episode with OPA working on finding the locker containing the envelope, but Huck is a bit preoccupied playing video games. So instead Quinn takes it upon herself to search DC to find the locker, eventually finding the envelope. But wait, it contains hundreds of photographs of Olivia! Whoever had this envelope was watching her. What do they want with Liv? We find out that Huck has been so obsessed with video games because he’s been playing with Javi, pretending to be another kid online. Catfishing his own kid? Not the best tactic, but it’s really all he has at this point.
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Three moments that really stood out to me this episode were the Fitz/Olivia scenes, the Bitsy/Mellie friendship and the Jake/Olivia scene:

  1. The Fitz/Olivia scenes really showed the strain on their relationship. In their first encounter she immediate shows her anger with him when he denounces Abby. Even after hearing all the evidence against Jake, she still can’t believe it and when Fitz starts to denounce her she gets him to leave. The second scene is another lover’s spat that deals with Jake’s fate. The tension between them shows that there is still something there, but it is seemingly ruined through everything that has happened. However, that all changes with two simple words: There’s hope. Looks like Olitz is back.
  2. The Bitsy/Mellie friendship gave Mellie a new sense of purpose. She doesn’t want to be remembered as the president’s wife who went to charities and did meaningless tasks, but the First Lady who helped make a mark on the United States. With her concept of Jerry as their ‘little soldier’, it looks like Mellie is going to be working hard to make the White House her own. It doesn’t help that the hard-working Fitz will be out of commission now that he and Olivia will be sneaking around again. How much of Mellie’s ideas will be just her and not influenced by Elizabeth?
  3. The Jake/Olivia scene is what I believe to be a last goodbye from Jake. It looks like he has accepted that Rowan has won because no one is trying to believe him, and he knows that Olivia will always have feelings for Fitz. Just seeing how defeated he was is terrible.
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

What questions did this episode answer:

  • Fitz is still making decisions with his heart, but he is thinking them through a bit more now. Instead of handing Jake over to Rowan, he puts him in prison because that’s what Olivia would have wanted.
  • The files that Caitlin Winslow hid contained photographs of Olivia.
  • Abby and Olivia are on speaking terms, and looks like this friendship is back!
  • Mellie has found a new purpose to make her mark on her time in the White House.
  • Cyrus seems to have some clue as to Michael’s deception. Hopefully he can piece it together in the coming episodes.

What questions does this episode leave us with:

  • How long until Olivia realizes her father is still the same old scumbag after his antics?
  • Why does someone have an Olivia Pope folder?
  • What is Elizabeth’s plan?

What did you think of “An Innocent Man”? Was it everything you wanted? Did it leave you yearning for more? Let me know in the comments below!

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