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Rizzoli and Isles 5×09 ‘It Takes A Village’:

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Closer to the end of Season 5 than the beginning, R&I came back around this week with yet another jaw-dropping episode full of surprises and twists. In addition to these shockers, it brought the weekly dose of drama and emotional onslaught that we look forward to every Tuesday. So, in short, this week’s episode was not to disappoint. 

The episode opened with Jane’s arrival back into consciousness, as well as an update for her (and all of us) by our favorite medical examiner. Most of said update was good news, although it was unfortunate for Jane to find out that she lost the baby she had been carrying. This news brought even more surprise, when Angela came in to visit and revealed that she had miscarried as well, back before her daughter was born. Don’t let the depressing mood hang over your head for too long, though, because she also brought a big cuddly teddy bear!

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

Along with Angela and her bear as well as Maura, visitors to Jane’s hospital room included Frankie, who struggled even to keep small talk with his own sister. Some people are better in awkward situations than others, I suppose.

Jane did some visiting of her own, tromping through the hospital in nothing but her hospital gown and a shawl to go visit Tasha, which brought nothing but bear talk at first. The conversation quickly boiled down to seriousness, although cut short by a pesky but well-meaning nurse. This is the last Jane sees of Tasha for a while, because the younger witness runs off from her hospital room somehow unnoticed after a social worker tells her she’ll most likely be put in a dreaded group home. Turns out Maura’s little protege was found hidden in the electric room, where Jane consoled her and the two quickly went back to being chums after a good heart to heart. It looked like Jane and Tasha may become even more than just friends, when at one point Jane makes a call to inquire about taking the teenager in as a foster daughter. Plot twist alert! It’s not Jane who’s fostering Tasha, it’s Gwen, the pesky nurse. Not what we suspected, but a better alternative for the teen.

Of course, Rizzoli and Isles would never be complete without an actual case in addition to the personal lives of the show’s namesakes. This week’s involved a poisoned, 4-year-old mummy left in the basement of her home to be found, well..whenever. The poison of choice was hemlock, certainly not common during today’s day and age.

Maura continued to keep Jane updated on the case throughout the episode, rushing into her hospital room whenever she would discover something new.

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

Korsak did some investigating of his own, interviewing the few friends and family of Fran, the dear departed deceased of this week’s show. Plenty of suspects were found, which was no help at first seeing as they were all useless and petty. To state an example, one of the first lovely witnesses firmly stated that he didn’t kill Fran, only stole her bank account password to give himself a raise. That plus the fact that he’d known she was dead for, oh, only about four years but hadn’t said anything. The detectives did figure out that the case was definitely a homicide, however, when it was discovered that cheap wine had been brought in rather than just using the bottles of wine that had been stored in the cellar. Later on, the suspect who was formerly described as “a skinny white dude with a beard” proved to be of some importance, for he was caught on tape saying just what everyone wanted to hear – that he wanted to kill Fran. Over a firewall, nonetheless, but still. Some proof is good proof. This skinny white dude with a beard, Bill, tries to defend himself, but loses his battle when he reveals that he also found Fran’s dead body. What came of that, zip. Zero. Nada. Yet another man who used Fran’s death to his advantage and stole her money. And what money it was, considering Fran was the heir to a million dollar fortune. An excellent cause for murder, huh? Nothing entices a homicide more than tons of money.

Fran’s mother underwent a drastic end as well, when an investigation reveals that it wasn’t lung cancer that killed her, but a human being. Two weeks after her remission from the disease, Mrs. Clarke passed suddenly and was rapidly cremated by her husband. All evidence pointed to Fran’s stepfather, whom to it would have made logical sense if taken into consideration that he could’ve murdered them both in order to be on the fast track to inheriting the money.

After thinking it over with Jane, the team decided to trick Mr. Clarke by telling him that they’ve come to the conclusion that Fran committed suicide. That is that, they say. No further investigations. But Howard gets a little sneaky and goes back to his dead stepdaughter’s house to plant some evidence, only to be caught by the cops. Another case closed by Isles and the bed-ridden Rizzoli.

The hour closes with some domestic (and somewhat flirty, as always) banter between our two favorite ladies, only to be interrupted but Jane’s family and Korsak, who ransack the house to spend time with their favorite detective. Family time is time well spent, right?

What did everyone think of the episode? Let me know, leave comments folks! I’ll see you again next week!

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