Revolution 2×10 “The Three Amigos” : I don’t see Chevy Chase, Martin Short or Steve Martin

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Much to my surprise, Revolution survived its winter hiatus and is back in all its ridiculous glory. Miles, Monroe and Rachel take a trip down to Mexico to find Monroe’s son, Charlie and Dr. Porter investigate the Patriots, Neville and his family get super weird and Aaron goes off the deep end. Lets try and make sense of this mess after the jump…

[Lots of SPOILERS, I am just assuming you have either watched this episode or don’t care]

It feels like the writers are starting to struggle with what to do with Charlie. She really has no role in the show anymore. She is not off trying to hunt down and kill Monroe, she has nothing to do with the power outage problem, she never gets to go with Miles and Rachel; she is turning out to be dead weight. I am not even sure that killing her off at this point would provide a big enough shock. The writers need to find a way to make her interesting and relevant again. And please please please, don’t make it pairing her up with Monroe’s son.

On that subject, we meet Monroe’s long lost offspring in the most clichéd way possible. He walks up to Monroe in a Mexican bar, acting just like Monroe would because he has turned out just like his father, and arrogant and brash kid trying to build his own army. And of course Monroe cant see the glaring physical and character resemblances until Miles points them out.   I will admit the kid does look a lot like Monroe; they did a great job casting him. And I am glad he didn’t just jump on board with Monroe’s plan of rebuilding the Monroe Republic with him.

The only decent point that was made in the whole episode was that now Rachel is being forced to help Monroe look for his son after Monroe killed her son. But they never expand upon that, she just begrudgingly goes along and never mentions it again. The idea that Americans, most notably Texans were being hired as day laborers by Mexicans was a bit much.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

The whole Neville story line is starting to spin out of control too. Now Neville and his wife are plotting not only to take down the Patriots, it almost seems like they are trying to take over the whole organization. And now Mama Neville is super into power and the lifestyle it provides. Where did this come from, she married a middling, mild mannered insurance adjuster before the black out. Now she wants him to overthrow the government and make her some type of queen? Where do the writers come up with these character arcs? At least Neville knocks her down a few pegs, reminding her who actually is the ruthless, conniving, murder in the couple.

Revolution is beginning to rely to heavily on non-reveals. First we see Neville’s son’s reaction to the files he opens in Allenford’s room, but we don’t get to know what it is. Then we see that the Patriots are giving tainted oranges to the people in an effort to win them over, but we have no idea what they are injecting into the oranges. Is it Medicine? Poison? The mind control juice? A little extra vitamin C? They are even teasing major plot points in the “On The Next Episode” trailers. We see that not only were the nano-bots leading Aaron to Spring City, but that also his long lost, pre-Blackout wife is there. Another story line that seemingly doesn’t tie into any of the main plot points of the black out or the power struggle that follows.

Revolution really needs to settle down and just focus. Focus on the black out and the people vying for power. We don’t need all these side stories of long lost sons, reuniting with wives, mother/daughter, father daughter, best friend drama, or anything else. The basic premise is still salvageable, just get back to basics. And just focus on Neville taking down the Patriots. we don’t need the power hunger, untrustworthy wife angle. Make the story more interesting by developing the characters, not by adding absurd side stories.

I am feeling more and more strongly that Revolution is not long for the airwaves. AS the ratings continue to drop and marketing dries up, this show slips closer to cancellation. Do you think Revolution will make it the rest of this season? Will the writers find a way to wrap everything up logically? Do you care at all about Charlie or what happens to her? Is anybody still invested in this show at all? Let me know in the comments below.

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