Revenge 4×19 ‘Exposure’: Alls well?


So, I don’t know if it was just me but this really felt like the end of Revenge. Between the mountain of flashbacks (Nolan’s season one hair!!) and everyone either moving on or letting go of the past, I’m not really sure what to think. The president of ABC claims that the show is not ending and that it’s “a major brand for them” but with most of the major characters now gone or on their way out, I’m sensing an end to the show. It all makes perfect sense, especially given the events of this episode.

Louise and Nolan finally draw up their divorce papers and Victoria starts chasing down every single person she could possibly make an ally in her war against Amanda. Her first target? Louise. After telling her how Emily and Nolan systematically targeted her and her entire family for years, Louise is pretty much done forever with Nolan, especially after Victoria and Louise somehow find the flash drive that Lyman was clenching when he fell off the cliff. You’re telling me the tide didn’t pull in and destroy that thing? Seems pretty farfetched that it would still be functional. Still, Victoria somehow manages to track down a super nerd and he hacks into the drive and finds the evidence to put away both

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Emily and Nolan for good. Seems like Victoria would just leak that to the press right away right? Well no, she continues skulking around and wasting time by trying to reconnect with all of the terrible people that Emily put away for good throughout the years.

But, Emily and David are way ahead of her. They go to one of Emily’s very first targets and tell him to warn everyone to stay far away from Victoria and the media. Honestly, Amanda/Emily and David are a pretty terrifying duo so I don’t think I’d want to take them on. Meanwhile, Nolan discovers that he’s been hacked and tells Emily which is pretty much the end of their friendship as well. I mean, come on Nolan, what the hell? Why would you keep all of that highly sensitive info on your hard drive? So stupid. I mean, of course if we do get a season five they’ll still be best buds but ya know, at least at the end of this episode they weren’t speaking. Jack shows up at Nolan’s, still reeling from the fact that Emily admitted to being Amanda Clarke, and they start to remember all the good ol’ revenge times. Nolan also gives Jack a speech about how he and Emily were meant to be and that he should just go for it. We don’t get to see Jack profess his undying love to Emily yet again, but something tells me they’ll finally make that jump next season. After all, they don’t really have anyone else left.

Victoria continues her campaign to ruin Amanda by stopping off at Margaux’s, who’s 100% done with all of this drama for real. She even admits to Victoria that she made the whole Emily shoving her into traffic thing up. Margaux wistfully remembers her romance with Daniel and their life that could’ve been and it all seems to mean nothing to her now. Especially now that Emily has cleared Daniel’s name completely. Victoria reminds Margaux that the reason Pascal is dead is likely because of Emily and that she can’t be trusted, even if she’s appearing to turn over a new leaf now.

So what does Emily do to combat all of Victoria’s scheming and lies? Well she has her followed of course! When Victoria shows up at a major news outlet in the city, Emily also shows up and agrees to give the host an exclusive interview, no question is off the table. Well, of course the network accepts and immediately books Emily and asks her all sorts of softball questions. I mean seriously, they could’ve grilled her good but they didn’t at all. In fact, Emily totally controlled the interview from beginning to end, telling everyone how Victoria had her brainwashed against

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

her own father and locked away in a mental institution. I’ll be honest, I’d forgotten A LOT of this stuff and if it weren’t for the flashbacks I probably would’ve never remembered those details. Emily then tells Victoria to take the ending of this story into her own hands and it appears she’s won the hearts and minds of America.

Back at Margaux’s place, Victoria is looking wistfully at some old photos of Daniel and Margaux tells her she has to go after Emily for her cruel (even though I thought it was pretty merciful) interview on television but Victoria seems resigned to her fate as the wicked witch of the west and kinda shrugs the whole thing off. I mean, if I were Victoria I would simply just go to every other media outlet and demand my own exclusive interview until everyone had heard my side of the story but I guess she’s had enough. Besides, who’s going to believe her and at this point, hasn’t everyone had enough of the Grayson antics? For Pete’s sake. After the interview is over, Emily returns home to a proud David and they share in their happy memories together. In the final scene, we see what looks like a tropical local with a woman (?) circling Emily’s face in the paper, obviously plotting some kind of revenge. Who could it be? Charlotte? That makes the most sense. Louise? Eh, I dunno…Or could it be Emily herself?? Who knows if we’ll ever know.

So what did you guys think of this season? Do you think it’s the end for Revenge? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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