Revenge 4×18 ‘Clarity’: Five minutes.


Wowzers folks that was one heck of an episode! I must admit, season four is ending much better than I had anticipated. As we all know, Emily has had a lot on her mind lately and I think she’s finally ready to let some people in on her most private thoughts. PLUS: Jack and Emily are maybe, possibly, going to finally be a thing now? Louise and Nolan’s sham of a marriage might have reached its tipping point and Victoria might be the only character left on ‘Revenge’ who actually wants revenge.

So let’s start with our favorite fake couple Louise and Nolan. Louise returns from Lyman’s funeral pretty mopey and upset, not noticing that Nolan is acting pretty shifty because he’s met a cute new guy that’s going to lure him away from Louise. Anyway, she suddenly tells Nolan that she wants a baby, I mean, just drops that in his lap out of nowhere. Nolan is understandably flabbergasted and Louise realizes she took their

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

relationship too far in asking. This leads Nolan to finally admit to himself that Louise is severely unhinged and that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to call the whole thing off. Unfortunately for him, Louise overhears Nolan telling Jack his true feelings, like how he wants to have a family someday just not with crazy ol’ Louise, and she seems pretty upset. Whenever Nolan asks her for a divorce she plays it cool and doesn’t call him out, but something tells me Nolan’s chickens will be coming home to roost soon. Should’ve called it off when she gave you the chance brother!

Ah yes, and what are Victoria and Margaux up to you ask? Well, Margaux is still maintaining her stupid lie that Emily pushed her in front of that car. Victoria still wants revenge on Emily, especially since the hospital rejected her proposal to name their new wing after Daniel Grayson because of her lie but Margaux has pretty much moved past that. Even though her weird hitman guy hired another hitman (lady?) who turned out to be Courtney Love guest starring of all people! (First Empire, now Revenge eh Courtney?) Margaux decides to lets bygones be bygones and orders everyone not to kill Emily. It’s unclear whether or not they’ll accept these orders (I’m thinking no) but at least Margaux is choosing to move on with what’s left of her life. Like Emily remarks later in the episode to David: this isn’t the same Margaux we all knew before Daniel’s death.

Emily has been doing a lot of soul searching lately and it seems she’s finally ready to tell the world that Daniel Grayson is innocent and clear his name once and for all. So she decides the best place to do that will be at the groundbreaking ceremony that would’ve been dedicated to

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Daniel’s name had the board not voted Victoria down. She tells both Ben, David, and Jack her plan and they all think she’s going crazy but Emily sticks to her guns and shows up to the gala ready to spill the beans. After they officially break ground, Emily walks up to the podium and tells the world the truth: that Malcolm Black, not Daniel, attacked her and that Daniel gave his life to protect her. She also drops an even bigger bombshell: that she is David Clarke’s daughter, Amanda Clarke. The whole of the Hampton’s looks on in shock including Nolan who wonders aloud: “What the hell?” Yes, Nolan, what the heck indeed. Margaux and Victoria also witness this and it looks like they might be ready to forgive Emily for a brief moment but who knows?

So what did you guys think of this episode? I’m not gonna lie, my heart was pounding whenever Emily announced that she was Amanda Clarke because FINALLY! This should’ve happened so long ago! Now I’m really excited to see what happens on the next episode. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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