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Revenge 4×17 ‘Loss’: Yikes…that’s all I have to say.


Well, well, well! Did not see that ending coming, wow! Before I go spoiling that, what are the rest of our favorite vengeful characters up to? Louise and Nolan are up to their old hijinks, hiding evidence and lying, that old chestnut. Victoria and Margaux’s bond is becoming stronger than ever. Jack is handed a boatload of legal issues after being arrested for drunken driving. Even though it’s likely he was set up, he’ll still have to find a way to defend himself in court against a nasty judge. Emily and her father are finally ready to bury the hatchet for good with all of this revenge business, but will life actually let them live out a happy ending?

So let’s start out with Louise and Nolan. After not helping her brother Lyman before he plummeted to a gruesome death, the police find his body on the shore and go to question Louise and Nolan about it. Louise claims that Lyman came home drunk and then she thought he’d gone to bed, but he must’ve wandered off the bluff and died. Nolan remarks, rather stupidly I might add, that if anyone wanted Lyman out of the house it was him. Emily’s boyfriend/Officer Ben decides to maybe put off questioning until another time. Once he’s gone, Louise eventually confesses to Nolan that she watched Lyman die. Nolan is pretty shocked about it but keeps his cool. I mean, maybe divorce her now dude? Please?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

At Jack’s arraignment, his mom comes to his defense as his lawyer and the judge sets her sights on making an example of Jack. Since she’s up for reelection, it would appear that she might have hatched a plot with Margaux (and possibly most of the police department??) to frame Jack. Like, how did Margaux get everyone to cooperate so quickly? And considering that she’s pregnant, why would she want to have Jack separated, possibly permanently from his child? Is her vendetta against Emily that big? I mean, come on lady. At first I guess I was kinda-sorta rooting for Margaux since she was the truly wronged party in this situation but now? Eh…not so much. She’s truly sunk even below Emily’s level- bringing down not only an innocent man, but his innocent child in her wake? Gross!

Meanwhile, Emily somehow tracks down the shadow man who’s been working for Margaux this whole time and finds out he used acetone to poison Jack’s drink which made him blow a .14 on his breathalyzer test. She also gets back Jack’s clean blood sample that would prove his innocence, but the judge won’t let the sample into evidence because of suspected tampering. Fortunately, Emily has friends in high places and Nolan pulls the same trick on the judge by spiking her water with acetone and Ben pulls her over and has her take a breathalyzer that she fails. Emily then tells her to drop all charges against Jack, or bad things will happen, yadda yadda. All charges get dropped hooray! After that however, David confronts Emily just before she’s about to start hatching a new plan for revenge against Margaux and asks her: hasn’t this gone on long enough? She may not have started this mess, but why doesn’t she just finish it? A question all viewers of revenge have been asking for three seasons now.

So Emily takes her father’s advice to heart and decides to seek peace with Margaux. She goes to see her on a crowded New York street and begs her forgiveness. Of course, Margaux is less than thrilled with Emily’s offer and tells her that she won’t accept it unless she tells everyone

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

what truly happened to Daniel Grayson. Emily says that she can’t tell the world that but she does offer Margaux something even better: her real birth certificate. Emily tells her she can either use it as a weapon or as proof that Emily will keep her word. Just before Margaux can make up her mind (even though she’s really leaning towards a hard no) she gets hit by an errant taxi and goes down. Emily is shocked and calls an ambulance. Clearly she didn’t push her, but now everyone is going to think she did. Including Victoria, who shows up and furiously protects Margaux at the hospital. They learn that she has lost Daniel’s baby and are both very upset. I sort of had a feeling something like this might happen from the beginning. Margaux then tells Victoria that Emily pushed her…and Victoria believes her. Uh-oh.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I think it’s been the best so far this season for real. It was compelling and interesting and definitely took an interesting turn there at the end. Let me know in the comments below!

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