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Revenge 4×15 and 4×16 ‘Bait’ and ‘Retaliation’: I’m still rooting for Victoria.


After a very long break Revenge is back! I guess I didn’t realize last week’s episode aired on the ninth. Oops. So what have all of our fave characters been up to all this time? Nolan and Louise are still carrying on this charade of a marriage and Louise’s southern accent is all but disappeared. Oh and Nolan is using an iPhone 5c? What? Emily and Margaux are still locked in a battle of evil-eye and Victoria gets the shock of her life. Will Jack ever tell Emily how he really feels? Since we’re near the end of season four I’m anticipating quite the explosive ending.

So remember the big “death in the family’ cliffhanger from the last episode? Turns out its Daniel’s grandfather, who I’m guessing was Conrad’s dad? What the heck? Well apparently he was loaded and Victoria is crossing her fingers, hoping to win big on the old inheritance game. Unfortunately for Victoria she only inherits two dogs and a crap ton of nothing else. She decides to contest the will which is where Louise’s brother steps in to help Victoria. I’m also sensing a weird love triangle through Natalie, the woman who is antagonizing Victoria, and David Clark. I swear every person that Victoria or really, any character on this show meets is evil and out to get them. Also, can I petition for Natalie and Victoria to have their own spinoff where they just side-eye each other and plot and scheme? That would be great.

Nolan and Louise are planning a honeymoon to Italy which then gets crashed whenever Emily gets into trouble yet again. This time it’s the video footage Margaux acquired of Jack admitting to Emily that he killed an FBI agent. Of course now Nolan and Emily have to scramble to play mission impossible and get the footage back. Emily and Louise team up to break into Margaux’s office after hours. Margaux has no idea who’s she’s messing with though, because even though she has the FBI on her side, Emily and her gang continue to outsmart her and she ends up

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

ruining her own plan by getting Jack involved. He gives her a bracelet in an earlier scene which Nolan equips with a mini EMP I guess that erases her entire computer including the video? Haha, okay whatever. Louise thanks Nolan for including her in the plot to screw over Margaux forever, even though Margaux is completely justified in doing what she’s doing, and it looks like she’ll be joining Emily’s gang. Not sure how long this will last.

Later, Jack confronts Emily to tell her he knows about her and Ben and their romantic relationship. He then tells her he’s a much better fit and that he’s in love with her. Yeesh, Jack do you really want to be getting yourself involved with someone as insane as Emily? Emily even calls Jack “messy” which is HILARIOUS coming from her. Ultimately she shoots him down because she really cares for him or something stupid like that. Here’s what I hate about Emily okay? Literally every chance she’s had to just walk away and be happy? She gives it up for no reason. Other than her desperate and sad need for revenge. At this point I’m almost rooting for Margaux to send Emily to prison because someone has to stop her.

So in ‘Retaliation’: Victoria loses her bid in court to contest the will (because Lyman is a terrible lawyer and person) and she and Natalie have a spat outside the courthouse. Natalie tells Victoria that she’s throwing a big shindig for the Fourth of July in the Hamptons which as we know, has always been Victoria’s forte. Tons of shade and side-eye is thrown as Natalie suggests that Victoria doesn’t know what good caviar is and that maybe she should apply for a catering job. What’s funny about this is you just know Victoria is scheming and planning even crazier things than Natalie. I can’t wait! At the party Natalie tries to build a narrative that David Clarke is abusive to the press but Victoria sees it a mile away. Fortunately David sees it too before Natalie gets too far and teams up with Victoria to take her down so she’ll sign over the inheritance to Victoria.

Ben gets snared into Margaux and Emily’s trap by Margaux blackmailing him with the location of his ex-wife’s place of employment. For some reason this is terrifying to Ben? Well anyway, she scares him enough to get Nolan and Emily involved and they forge a birth certificate for Margaux claiming that Amanda Clarke is Emily Thorne. Again, I ask, is anyone really going to care that Amanda is Emily or vice versa? After all this time wouldn’t most people either not care or maybe be upset for a few months and then get over it? When Margaux discovers the birth certificate is a fake she sics a hit man on Ben’s ex-wife I guess? But she does make a good point: what is it about Emily that makes people do all

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

kinds of crazy favors for her? I’m still wondering that myself. After tracking down Ben’s ex, they also beat up the ex-con looking to kill her and send him packing for good. On their way back to the Hamptons, Emily and Ben try to figure out what Margaux’s next move is which is apparently lying to the police that Jack is driving drunk to get his kid taken away from him. Yeesh.

Meanwhile, Nolan and Louise are still on rocky shores and Nolan is hot and cold. Even though Louise tried to give him an out last episode, Nolan refused and decided to stay married but now he’s complaining that he can’t play the field because of his wedding ring. Lyman is trying to make up with Louise because all of his options have run out and even though its super obvious to Nolan that he’s taking advantage, Louise wants Lyman to come live on their spare yacht or whatever. But of course it turns out he’s just working for Margaux and swipes her a spare key to break into Nolan’s estate. Unfortunately for Lyman, Louise walks in on him stealing secrets from Nolan’s computer and a struggle ensues which then leads to him falling off of a cliff and dying.

So what did you guys think of these episodes? I thought they were both super dramatic and entertaining which is exactly what you should get from Revenge. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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