Revenge 4×14 ‘Kindred’: “Is there a way around murder?”


Haha, whoops! I guess last week wasn’t the season four finale of Revenge. My bad! I really didn’t see this episode listed anywhere on IMDB, last time I’m trusting them! Anyway, what’s new? Nolan and Louise decide to throw quite the shindig to celebrate their blessed union. Louise deals with her super crazy family yet again, are they getting their own reality spin-off soon? Emily and David are trying to make their super awkward relationship work despite the fact that Margaux is now really gunning for them, despite Victoria’s vague warnings. Why don’t they just run off to Tahiti or something? I mean come on…

Emily goes to see Nolan to congratulate him on his newly wedded bliss with Louise as they plan their reception. All is going fabulously, that is, until Louise’s brother Lyman shows up with an offer from their “mama” to annul her marriage to Nolan in exchange for the fortune. He again threatens her with her supposed murderous past and she begins to have doubts about her future with Nolan. Just when she begins to cancel the reception, Nolan steps in and offers to deal with her brother and her mother once and for all.

Back at the old beach house, David and Emily are finally talking about living a normal life. They even make plans to celebrate Emily’s true

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

birthday. Meanwhile, Magaux’s spy catches David and Emily engaged in this tender moment and decides to plant a story about them in her crappy magazine. While this ruffle’s Emily’s feathers enough to get her to talk to Margaux, she doesn’t really do much about it. Seems like a mistakes to me, because Margaux asks Victoria to tell the truth about Daniel’s fate again as Victoria gets ready to start a foundation in Daniel’s name. She might be Emily’s greatest opponent thus far. Well, with the exception of Victoria who is now reluctantly on her side.

Jack and Ben are being honored for their assistance in the death/capture of Malcolm Black but of course, Jack isn’t feeling super great about it. He’s guilty since he lied about the circumstances of Daniel’s death and decides it’s time to call it quits on the force. So what’s next for Jack Porter? Will he be leaving behind the Hamptons for good? Will he and Margaux rekindle their relationship and end up going against Emily? That would be an interesting twist. For now though, it looks like he might be going back to bartending, at least part time anyway.

Victoria’s new foundation isn’t off to an excellent start when she bumps in to a mysterious stranger. I’m not quite sure what this new lady’s spot will be in the next season but I imagine it’ll be a pretty big one. We also get to see an awesome Victoria style take down when she confronts the ladies who lunch about why they didn’t show up to her foundation’s opening night. Looks like the Queen of the Hamptons might be back. Victoria receives a mysterious phone call from what sounds like an Australian man. Apparently there’s been a death in the family. Could it be Charlotte? Is it Aiden’s ghost?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Back at the doomed reception, Louise’s mother shows up and they end up having a quite the quarrel. It seems like Nolan really came through for Louise and produces and original crime scene report of the night her father was murdered. Turns out, her mother did it (duh!) and then blamed the entire thing on Louise. What a shocker! This sends her mother, the mysterious judge and her brother Lyman packing but I think we’ll see them again soon enough. Nolan’s tragedy is that he never gets a happy ending, sort of like Emily. Who by the way is super into Ben now…and when Jack finds out about their relationship, he doesn’t seem thrilled. Weird, I thought he was super over Emily’s scheming.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I loved seeing Victoria back in action and I’m very interested to see where Louise’s character goes next. I mean, I thought she was going to be the next big villain but…eh? So far she’s just been a really tragic character. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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