Revenge 4×12 ‘Madness’: Malcolm Black is super cool.


With only two episodes to go in the fourth season of Revenge, I’m actually pretty invested in what’s coming next. Despite the show’s lackluster past season, season four has been pretty interesting so far and there are definitely some very tense and suspenseful moments this episode.  David is even more vengeful than Emily these days, and Emily is still clutching at that happy ending that is neeeever going to happen. Malcolm Black continues to be the very best villain of this show ever, well, with the exception of Louise, who continues to be crazy like a fox. Margaux is still trying to convince Ben that Emily is super evil and that Daniel was murdered. Well, she’s not far that off if you think about it.

We open on some grainy footage of David from back in his prison days. Remember how he got stabbed? Yeah that was totally Malcom Black’s idea and not Conrad Grayson’s. Anywho, that’s how David ends up working for him and Malcolm trains him to be a ruthless killer. I suppose that’s why David is so hell-bent on murdering basically everyone including Victoria. Although, Emily does talk him out of that this

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

episode and tells him she’s suffered enough. Let her live her life alone, that’s punishment enough for a woman like her. David is like, eh, I guess, but I’m still totally gonna kill Malcolm Black. I guess he’s gotta get his jollies in somehow right? Although, it would appear that Malcolm is basically indestructible and he goes around town looking for his daughter, runs into Jack, and then makes some vague threatening threats. Jack freaks out and tells David, who then hatches a plan to kill Malcolm, only this time, FOR REAL.

Meanwhile, we finally get to meet Louise’s brother Lyman, who is a slimy politician running for congress and maybe abusing the crap out of his poor sister. Nolan is very protective of poor old Louise these days and enlists Emily’s help to ascertain exactly what Louise’s real circumstances are. Then, Emily shares with Nolan that she and her dad are running away together after a week or so once she ties up some loose ends. Nolan is happy/sad for her, but come on people. We all know that something catastrophic will happen between now and then. With all of the big reveals this season, I’m guessing another essential cast member will be getting killed off. I’m just crossing my fingers that it’s NOT Victoria because she’s still entertaining, not matter how depressed and lonely she is.

During dinner with Louise and her brother, Emily and Nolan watch the two closely. It appears her brother is goading her on and Louise is becoming more and more restless and disturbed. She begins to hallucinate about her mother again and ends up slapping Nolan in the face. While in the bathroom, Emily startles Louise causing her to drop her medication which Emily inspects and later finds out has been doped with a powerful hallucinogen. I don’t know about you guys but uh, I’m pretty sure Louise has been doping herself or made it look that way so Nolan would go after her brother, which he does. Nolan tells her brother to get out of here and that he’ll be taking care of Louise from now on. Uh oh…

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Ben and Emily go for a walk on the beach. He asks her out again and she’s like yeah, maybe once I get back into town which…is never going to happen. Mmhm, sure Emily. Anyway, Margaux is still after Ben, like I mentioned earlier, and she meets with him at the station to talk to him about Daniel. She tells him that the police station is corrupt and that Daniel was murdered. Ben tells her that she’s not well and sure enough, she faints. He rushes her to the hospital and the doctor tells her she needs to get some rest. Just then, Victoria shows up and decides to spill the beans to Margaux about the truth of what happened to Daniel, all with Ben listening nearby. She tells her all about who Emily Thorne really is, I mean, she goes waaaay back. Now, I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure that Margaux isn’t going to care and is still going to go after Emily anyway for revenge. Later, Emily calls Victoria up on David’s phone and they meet at a secluded lighthouse. Surprisingly, Malcolm Black finds out where they are and plants two poison darts in their arms. Both of them are taken hostage, despite Jack’s plan to turn over the hard drive that had all of Malcolm’s criminal information on it. That’s super convenient no?

So what did you guys think of this episode? I’m really excited for the finale. Can’t wait to see who dies! Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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