Revenge 4×11 ‘Epitaph’: The one where everyone lies.


Hello everyone and I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I’m sure you’re all dying to get caught up on Revenge like I am. After the last episode’s tragic events Victoria is sent into a grief spiral. Poor Margaux just can’t catch a break, Jack and Emily are terrified of Malcolm Black. David is convinced that everyone is in grave danger and lies to basically everyone. Nolan continues to be an awesome friend/Bond villain and Louise continues her crazy streak and crying for the camera.

Since they live next to the old Grayson Manor, David and Victoria hear gunshots and rush over to find that Daniel has died. Of course, Victoria screams and rushes to his aid but it’s much too late. Jack and David decide they need to cover up the evidence and take Malcolm Black’s daughter, our FBI friend Kate, and chuck her into a van. When the police arrive, Emily has trouble keeping her story straight and claims that Daniel broke into the house and they she had to kill him in self-defense. Our cop buddy Ben doesn’t believe her story and Jack pulls Emily aside to tell her she sound suspicious as hell. She tells him that she’s got this, but luckily the police decide that’s enough questioning for tonight.

The next day, everyone springs into action to cover up last night’s events. David and Victoria have a row and he tells her she needs to stay with Emily while also telling Charlotte not to come home. So, he drops Victoria off at Grayson Manor despite many protestations and bounces.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Wow, David might actually be worse than Conrad. What a twist that would be! Margaux comes by, obviously very upset that the father of her unborn child was murdered and asks Victoria about the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. Victoria covers for Emily and tells Margaux that what Emily told the police is the truth. Margaux is crushed and decides to go talk to the police herself. Meanwhile, Nolan clones Kate’s phone and sends it to Miami to send Malcolm Black on a wild goose chase which buys them some time. Louise shows up with lots of baked goods, just like any good southerner, and seems intent on making herself a part of this tragedy.

Emily goes back into the station where Ben questions her on some inconsistencies with her account. He asks her why Daniel has no defensive wounds and if he attacked her why didn’t she fight back? He also tells her that Margaux came to see him and told him that Daniel had no reason to attack Emily since he wanted nothing to do with her and was about to become a father. Emily looks shocked to hear that Daniel and Margaux were about to have a child, but she tells him she didn’t fight back against Daniel because he was right about her. That she ruined his life by marrying him for the wrong reasons and she truly feels sorry about it. Apparently this clears her of any suspicion related to homicide, which is hilarious considering how many people have died around Emily over the years. You’d think they’d be watching her like a hawk.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

After all of the questioning, Emily returns home only to have Margaux show up at her doorstep and she vows revenge on Emily right then and there. She tells Emily she’s not allowed to come to the funeral and she hasn’t been fooled by her lies like everyone else has. Ah yes, yet another enemy for Emily fighting to get their revenge. You would think people would be getting bored of this and at least one person would’ve figured out how to kill Emily by now. But I digress, so remember how David said some vague things last episode like he always does? Well Emily pulls him aside and asks him what he meant by all that and he tells her he’s been planning on killing Victoria. Well that would explain why he’s being such a jerk to her, and, uh what? I guess he’s really not over the whole ten years of hiding and giving up his life for Victoria’s lie then eh? Hmm, something tells me this is not going to bode well for anyone.

At the funeral, Emily hides off in the distance as everyone says goodbye to Daniel. In an earlier scene, Victoria is preparing a suit for Daniel’s body and she envisions him trying it on for her until she snaps back to reality and sees her holding the suit alone in front of a mirror. This is definitely some of the best acting I’ve ever seen Madeleine Stowe portray on Revenge, she always shines in scenes like these. Nolan pulls David aside at the funeral and tells him an unidentified cartel leader was found dead in Miami, leading them to believe Malcolm is dead.

In our final scene, a mysterious southern FBI agent shows up to talk to the chief of police. He asks him where our other mysterious FBI agent Kate has disappeared to claiming that she never checked in with the bureau. The chief then asks him where the federal tags are on his vehicle and ta-da! Turns out it isn’t an FBI agent at all! It’s our crazy friend Malcolm Black who’s being played by Sons of Anarchy alum Tommy Flanagan. Malcolm stabs the chief through the heart I’m guessing, and it looks like our heroes are in big trouble now. So what did y’all think of the episode? I was pretty worried about this season right up until this point. I think this episode brought some oomph back into the story. Tell what you thought in the comments below!

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