Revenge 4×10 ‘Atonement’: Goodnight sweet prince


After all of the reveals last week who on earth can we trust?? Our new FBI friend Kate, that’s her name right? Is definitely hiding something. Jack you’re in danger, boy. David and Victoria are running scared from this mysterious man, Malcolm Black, from David’s already super weird past. Louise is obsessed with throwing water in Nolan’s contrite face. We open on Margaux and Daniel fighting again, and again, and again…

Based on his past actions (losing his job, being in league with Conrad, lying and screwing people over, etc.) Margaux is quite nervous about Daniel being the father of her child and wants to go it alone. Daniel then has multiple flashbacks throughout the episode involving Conrad and he realizes that his dad was a psycho and he had a horrible role model to look up to. Uh, duh Daniel…So anyway, Margaux tells Victoria that she’s going to be a grandmother and Daniel tells Victoria he’s ready to be a father. Yikes, not sure how well this is going to end but hey, maybe if

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Daniel and Margaux run off together right now it will be okay. Yeah, no, probably not going to happen I know.

David and Victoria are still really scared of Malcolm Black and David continues to slink around Long Island like a really sad Batman. In fact, he even shows up at a party that Louise and Nolan host at his new country club to warn Emily to stay out of his business with Malcolm because she’s gonna die or something and when she tries to give him a rebuttal he vanishes into thin air. I literally laughed out loud at my screen, no idea why it was so funny but it just was. Anyway, as you might’ve guessed, Nolan and Louise had made up but only after she splashes him with water about fifty times. It looks like they’re the hot new couple in town and could they actually be falling for each other? Nolan, you’re in danger, boy. Louise is still as crazy as a fox and you know that. Back at Victoria and David’s hideout which used to be Emily’s house but then they switched, David prepares to basically kill Victoria by poisoning her because he’s still pretty unhinged. Then, shockingly, for once in her life, Victoria decides to tell David the whole truth. That it was her who set him up and made sure that Conrad framed him for the plane crash. David looks pretty surprised but then I guess he’s also wondering how he’s going to get rid of that poisoned wine when they hear a crash…

Nolan and Emily spend most of the episode trying to get to the bottom of who Kate really is. They steal her satellite phone to find out if

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

she’s working for Malcolm Black and Emily warns Jack against her. Oh, I guess I should call her Amanda now since like everybody knows for the most part who she really is…nah…I’m good. Anywho, Kate comes clean to Emily at the party about who she really is and that she’s working for Malcolm because he’s holding her mother hostage or some other crap? Who knows but it sounds super made up. Anyway, Emily agrees to meet her one on one for what is surely a trap. Oh and guess what? It totally is. Turns out that Kate is actually Malcolm Black’s daughter and is here to steal Emily’s money?? Can this actress not ever play the daughter of a psychopath? So anyway they end up fighting to the death basically and Jack comes running to save the day. Daniel also hears the commotion and comes running and ends up getting shot by Kate and dies. Jack then kills Kate and we watch Daniel die a rather poignant death if I’m honest. I really didn’t think that his death would ever be that sad but he was on the cusp of changing his life and starting fresh with Margaux.

What did you guys think of this episode? I really liked it and thought it was a big improvement on last week’s episode. Can’t wait to see the next episode! Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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