Revenge 4×09 ‘Intel’: Be careful what you wish for


Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re ready for the next episode of Revenge because I know I sure am! Jack continues to grimace a lot and is there new romance on the horizon for both him and Emily? Obviously not between those two because the show will never ever let them be together.  Nolan and Louise are still continuing they’re uneasy alliance for Margaux’s dastardly plan. Daniel is still sitting in the dog house. Louise continues to be my favorite Revenge villain/hero ever. Victoria and David are kinda just slinking around Long Island like a scary power couple. We open on Emily torturing someone because she’s all about that now.

Emily is torturing one of the mysterious guys who attacked her and David in the hospital and he gives up his partner pretty quick, although turns out that he already killed himself so good luck with that lead Emily. Meanwhile, Jack and the new FBI agent in town, Kate, look like they’re getting pretty cozy together. Kate and Jack are working closely on trying to solve just who that guy Peter is and why he hanged himself while flirting an awful lot. Emily and Jack’s partner Ben look like they might end up going out on a few dates; which I’m not sure would be good for her

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

because I just know he’s hiding something guys. This leads them to going out on a date at a bar and playing darts and Emily ends up questioning Ben at length about his life. We learn that Ben used to be married and had a dad that didn’t really help raise him. Interesting character development I suppose, but Ben is still evil I’m sure of it. Later Emily admits to Ben that she never really intended to go on a date with him and that she just wants to know what he knows about Alvarez. They totally end up hooking up by the end of the episode anyway though.

Margaux and Nolan are still carrying through with their plan to dig up the dirt on Louise. Specifically they want to look into the mysterious circumstances behind her father’s death and dig into her sealed records. Unfortunately, their deal ends up getting broken because he’s worried that Margaux will do the same thing to Louise that she did to him. He’s not entirely wrong because not only does Margaux call off the deal but she decides to run the story anyway. Daniel tries to eat crow by making Margaux breakfast but she’s not even the least bit impressed. Poor Danny boy, he just can’t win. Later he finds out that Margaux is pregnant presumably with his child. Great. Victoria goes to see Daniel yet again, god woman why won’t you just leave him be?? And of course they fight and sneer at each other again. Ugh, Daniel is slowly becoming the next Charlotte. Wow, I forgot that she pretty much has ceased to exist. I really hope they both disappear and never return soon. Daniel also talks to Emily about how sad his life is, blah blah no one cares Daniel!

David goes to see Nolan and strikes up a deal with him. He’ll get Nolan some intel and help him repair his reputation if Nolan will help

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

him distribute the intel. He tells Nolan that they forced him to launder money for ten years and that he needs to find some people and let them know the truth. Nolan tracks the poor tortured guy that Emily nearly killed and David ambushes him at the airport. In the same episode, Nolan also has to explain to Emily why torturing people is wrong and it’s getting a little out of hand. Must Nolan always be the eye in the middle of the crazy storm? If I were him I’d be so done with this family. Jeez.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was alright. Not as exciting as I was hoping for. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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