Revenge 4×08 ‘Contact’: Loony Louise


This week’s episode is spectacularly soapy and is filled with lots of outrageous dialogue and meaningful stares. I got some good laughs out of the actress who plays Louise. She might be overacting more than Madeline Stowe and that’s really saying something. Nolan is living off the grid in like his fifth house or something crazy like that but still can’t escape the spotllight. Emily is furious with everyone yet again. Margaux is out for blood and Daniel is sick  of being a Grayson. We open on Victoria sizzling on the pavement.

David rushes to Victoria’s side and gives her CPR and Emily does NOT dial 911 and who can blame her? If Victoria was about to die before your eyes would you call the authorities? Probably not. Anyway she survives and is rushed to the hospital where she plays games like pulling her heart monitor plug out to break up a moment between Emily and David trying to reconnect. Emily was confronting David about why, if he was truly free, didn’t he come and tell her he was alive before now?

Just when David is about to answer her, Victoria pulls her shenanigans and David is suddenly being questioned by the new FBI agent in

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

town named Kate. Kate is being played by Courtney Ford who I last saw playing the Trinity Killer’s (SPOILER) secret daughter on Dexter. Also, she totally has a crush on Jack which I’m guessing is going to end badly for her. Oh yeah and Jack and his lieutenant get into it yet again, gosh what is this guy’s problem seriously? I guess the heat is back on David and he’s the prime suspect in Conrad Grayson’s death. A little while later, Emily and David get into an argument. Basically she tells him that she gave up her whole life to seek revenge for him and he’s like “Uh, yeah that’s cool but I never asked you to…” Which is a totally reasonable reaction to have but yeah, Emily doesn’t take it well. David then goes to confront Victoria and asks her if she knew that Emily was really his daughter. Victoria cops to knowing but is like “she’s my sworn enemy forever and she’s evil so get over it.” Then he kind of does??? Ugh David is just so wishy washy it’s driving me nuts.

Meanwhile, Margaux and Daniel break up and Margaux tells crazy Louise that she’s her new enemy. Louise seems pretty not phased by this and continues to have imaginary conversations in her head about getting pregnant with Daniel’s baby. Oh and get this, she supposedly has a grandfather who she refers to as “Big Daddy” LOL what is this?? Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?? UGH anyway she and Nolan meet up later, despite a warning from Margaux to Nolan that Louise is cray cray and Nolan discovers it for himself whenever he sees the photo shopped pictures of Louise and Victoria on her tablet. Apparently Louise loves to take old photos of Victoria and shop herself in them because she thinks Victoria is like her mom or something?! This might the funniest villain ever on Revenge I

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

swear. Crying with laughter.

Anyway, Louise also tries to jump Daniel’s bones one more time just for good measure and he calls her loony. Daniel also goes to visit Victoria in the hospital and tells her he’s done with her again for the thousandth time. He also tries to tell Margaux he loves her but she’s like meh. Then Margaux teams up with Nolan to fix his image and get back at crazy Louise who has sealed criminal records that only Nolan can hack. Meanwhile, Emily is chillin’ at the old Grayson manor and we see her about to torture one of the guys who tried to Capture David earlier. Oh yeah, David almost gets kidnapped yet again but then Emily steps in and kicks their butts and apparently takes this guy hostage. David and Emily also have another moment where he’s like “yeah I can’t be your dad because it’s too dangerous but I love you infinity times infinity bye.”

So what did you guys think of this episode? I’m loving Louise’s reign as the craziest person ever and Emily going rouge is just great. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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