Revenge 4×07 ‘Ambush’: The real reunion this time.


Lots of stuff happened this week on Revenge: Emily finally speaks up to David, Nolan is buying a new home, Daniel is still dealing with crazy Louise and Margaux isn’t as cool with it now as she used to be. Ben is still giving Jack trouble for being friends with Emily which is making me really annoyed. Victoria is just Victoria. Rinse and repeat. We open on Victoria crashing down into the pavement.

Victoria awakens and hears a sound, which turns out to be Emily sneaking around the house. David asks her what’s up and Victoria thinks it was just the wind when in reality it was Emily stealing a key to bring to Nolan. She has him try to analyze the key and goes to his house. Nolan tells her that he needs to “find another bat cave” because the press is constantly hounding him. Looks like he’ll be heading quite far off of the grid.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Emily is still very suspicious of where David was for twelve years while he was supposedly under Conrad’s grasp when in reality he wasn’t. Meanwhile, David shows up at Emily’s place and tells her it’s about time they’ve met. Emily finally reveals to him the true identity of Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke which should’ve been done quite a while ago in my opinion. The reunion seems lackluster to be honest and I think it’s because of David’s instability and Emily’s too much too late policy. She also discovers that David has been keeping tabs on the old “Amanda” for many years which means he’s been much closer all this time than she ever thought.

We also meet crazy Louise’s mother this episode who is a snarling evil woman and it’s no wonder Louise is acting as though Victoria is her surrogate. Her mother makes an offhanded comment about how Margaux is superior to her and it’s no wonder why the Grayson’s want nothing to do with her so Louise takes this as her cue to try and kill Margaux by locking her in the steam room. Margaux busts herself out of the steam room and it’s pretty obvious what happened to her.

Emily goes to meet Nolan and ends up meeting Daniel is the elevator. He reveals that he knows who she really is thanks to Charlotte. Then they get trapped in there together. Emily and Daniel exchange some barbs and while Emily is trying to bust them loose he keeps asking her if any of what they had was ever real. Seems like he is sure invested in knowing whether or not their relationship ever had any merit despite knowing that he’s supposed to be with Margaux or Louise or whoever now. Finally Emily wriggles her way to the top of the elevator just in time for Daniel to get a call from Margaux telling him what happened at the spa earlier that day. He calls Louise and accuses her of locking Margaux into the steam room and she denies it but it’s still pretty obvious that she’s messing with him. Later Margaux confronts Daniel and tells him that he should quit and he refuses. Wow Daniel…you’re a huge jerk. At the end of their call we zoom back and see Louise photo shopping pictures of Victoria on to her mother’s body…yikes. Then Nolan strolls up to the bar and they start a conversation that doesn’t really lead to anywhere.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

An electrical storm is brewing and David comes home to meet up with Victoria. He tells her he’s been hanging around Amanda’s old haunts which Victoria has been placing false witnesses everywhere to help keep David on her side. Suddenly Emily comes barging in telling David he’s a coward and that he could’ve come to her way sooner. He’s shocked when he realizes that she’s really Amanda, meanwhile Victoria is outside being electrocuted by a downed wire. Funny how these things work.

So what did you guys think of this week’s episode? I felt like it was mainly filler and this reveal was sort of boring. We’ll see how things shape up next week and it looks like it could be more promising. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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