Revenge 4×06 ‘Damage’: We’ll do it live.


This week: Emily’s lies continue to hurt everyone but herself. Charlotte has a “breakthrough” and Daniel is back on top. Victoria cries (?!) and David is either seriously unhinged or is just being a huge jerk. Nolan is gob smacked (literally) and Margaux is mysterious once again. Oh and Louise still can’t fake a southern accent to save her life.

So I think the biggest question on everyone’s mind is: what’s the deal with the huge David Clarke interview that Margaux set up last week? Obviously this would be a huge deal for him to get everything off of his chest and maybe confront some past demons? Oh boy does he ever. Once everything is set up and the cameras are rolling, David unleashes hellfire on Nolan who agreed to do the interview with him for support. He asks

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Nolan why he never gave his millions to Amanda Clarke and how dare he betray him and steal his money all on national live television. Margaux can barely contain herself and Victoria looks on proudly as Nolan barely squeaks out his defense. We all know that Nolan gave Amanda aka Emily the money, but how could David possibly know since he still doesn’t know the truth? Emily is dragging her feet on this big time.

In other parts of the world, Charlotte wakes up in a weird apartment with hand tattoo guy. He tells he needs her for a plan he’s hatching, specifically a big fish he’s trying to take down. Charlotte makes a run for it and ends up killing the dude in the process. She calls big sis Emily to help her dispose of the body and that’s when she finds out that Victoria is the one who killed Aiden. For whatever reason this really bugs Charlotte (what? Like she never thought her mother was capable of murder or something?) and she decides to go to rehab?! When she tells Victoria that she’s leaving Victoria breaks down and admits to killing Aiden, but for the good of the family Charlotte come on chill. Charlotte doesn’t chill and decides to close the door on Victoria once and for all. Well like, good for her and all but, something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll see of Charlotte. I was really thinking she was going to die this season because she’s become super annoying as a character. Who knows, maybe that’s still coming later? As Charlotte is leaving the city for rehab she finds a note, presumably from Emily, in her purse and she looks worried. Ugh, is anyone else getting bored with Charlotte’s constant back and forth crap?

Oh yeah, and Jack’s partner is still playing detective much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone but he stumbles on to some very compelling evidence. Jack agrees to assist in the investigation, probably so he can keep tabs and report back to Emily on this guy’s every move. Emily isn’t even aware of this plan but I’m sure she’s been keeping her eye on it. Also, Louise’s big revenge Page Six thing? It was just a piece of PR fluff to let people know that Daniel is back in the game or something as a glorified financial advisor. Somehow this gets his more clients and Margaux seems cool with it so whatever! But Victoria tries to warn Daniel against Louise before it’s too late. In fact she also meets up with Louise

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

and tells her not to get any ideas. Louise swears to Victoria that she’s just hiring Daniel to help her and it appears she wants some kind of motherly love from good ol’ Vicki? Listen lady, that’s one thing no one should want.

After the interview is over, David adds insult to injury and punches Nolan in the face for something he never did. When Emily finds Nolan she asks him why David would do such a thing and Nolan says “Ems, you did this.” He’s right after all. Emily did some digging earlier in the episode and stumbled upon David’s lair where Conrad supposedly kept him hidden for the better part of a decade. Although not everything David is claiming seems to be jiving with what Emily found there. She tells Nolan that some things her dad said just aren’t adding up and that she needs to learn more but what if David is lying about this whole thing? What else could he be hiding?

So what did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was more interesting than last’s weeks for sure. Let me know in the comments!

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