Revenge 4×05 “Repercussions”: Fluffy filler


I hate to say this but this week’s episode was fluffier than cotton candy. There’s a lot of back and forth between Emily and her arch nemesis Victoria, which is normally entertaining but this time it was just sort of boring. We’ve seen enough of the glares, smirks, and dramatic statements between these two for a lifetime. You would think with just ten episodes to play with this season we’d see a lot more developments happening. It’s true that the pacing has been quicker than in past seasons but they’ve got much less to work story-wise with this time around.

When we find Victoria and David they’re being bombarded by the press and Victoria is trying to help David assimilate back into his old life as quickly as possible. Something tells me the transition will not be a smooth one. Jack is also being hounded by the media and wants it to stop. He’s feeling especially guilty because he knows that he’s lying to David about his son being his grandson. That’s the other thing about this episode: everybody wants to tell David the truth but nobody is willing to step up and actually do it. They all fear that David will go crazy or something.

Emily and Nolan are also back to the old ritual of Emily being angry, telling Nolan she’s going gung-ho into the fray, Nolan being the voice of

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

reason, Emily sighing a lot and continuing to fly off the handle…I mean come on guys. You’ve held it together this far. Meanwhile, Margaux and Daniel are plotting some more because that’s all they do these days. Margaux is still unsure about whether she can trust Daniel and with good reason. He and Louise have been getting awfully close these past few episodes. Anyway, Daniel has to keep up this charade with Louise because she’s his ticket into opening up his own financial firm someday. While discussing this with Margaux she basically gives him carte blanche to do whatever is necessary to keep Louise as a client which includes making out with her. When he meets up with Louise later she’s trying entirely too hard to seduce Daniel by wearing very skimpy outfits and being distinctly not southern. Daniel then lies to her that he has no girlfriend and they make out some more. I just…it’s so hard to care about this storyline at all.

With a cool head on her shoulders (not really) Emily decides she’s going to try to see David at the hotel where hundreds of people have gathered to see him. Just when she thinks she’s got a chance; a car being driven by a mysterious man with a tattoo on his hand nearly strikes and kills David. Again, this is in front of hundreds of people in broad daylight. Something tells me this guy just doesn’t care. David and Victoria retreat into the hotel and try to make a game plan. Victoria offers him a place to stay in Maryland but David isn’t biting. He tells her he’s starting to suspect that things aren’t quite as they seem when it comes to Amanda being dead. Uh oh.

Back at the station, Jack is huffy because he doesn’t want the press all up in his business. His new boss Ben tells him it must be very difficult for him and something tells me that Ben knows more about this than meets the eye. He’s trying hard to make detective and it looks like he might be building a case against Emily without fully knowing it yet. By trying to get more information out of Jack, being constantly suspicious of everything Emily does, and conveniently showing up when the action is going down, he just seems to have very good intel for someone we’ve never seen before this season. Much later in the episode we see him and the police chief having a serious discussion about his future with the department. He tells Ben to let this case go and turn in the files, this isn’t about his ambitions yadda yadda. Sounds pretty final, but we all know this isn’t where Ben’s story ends.

At the hotel Emily runs into Charlotte in the lobby and begs her to tell David the truth. Charlotte isn’t convinced that now is the right time to do

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

that but promises Emily she’ll see what she can do. Emily also runs into Margaux who is trying to bribe a bellhop to give her the scoop on David and goes crazy on her. Emily is just unhinged for most of the episode, mind you. Later when Emily gets a call from Charlotte she rushes upstairs to find Victoria waiting for her to fall into her clutches yet again. Once again they go back and forth about how they’ve both done terrible things and how David will never forgive them. Um hello guys…David is totally a murderer too. Pretty sure he won’t be too surprised. While this is happening Charlotte takes David to meet up with Jack, who doesn’t know David is coming, so that he can finally meet his grandson. Jack once again feels terribly guilty about having to keep up this lie and tells Charlotte she’s a horrible person and no wonder she does so many drugs.

Later on, Emily hatches a plan with Margaux to help win her father back. Daniel gives David the deed to his old beach house and David quickly moves back in. Margaux retains the exclusive rights to his story and Emily keeps close tabs on him from the mansion. She hears him playing an old song they used to dance to and there’s a voice over from David vowing revenge on the people who wronged him. Revenge Part Two: Electric Boogaloo. The episode ends with Charlotte being incredibly drunk at a club and once again hooking up with some random stranger guy. Only this time its tattoo hand guy. Dun dun dun! So what did you guys think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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