Revenge 4×04 ‘Meteor’: Will they or won’t they?


There’s so much going on this episode. Emily is finally reunited with her father, David Clarke and it’s not under the most ideal circumstances. Victoria is on the warpath and gathering her resources. Margaux and Daniel are still on a relentless quest to take over the world. Nolan is super worried about good ol’ Ems and is starting to get tired of her crap. Again. Let’s get down to business.

We pick up where we left off back at the old Grayson Manor. Emily just barely avoided what was surely going to be her murder from dear old daddy, David Clarke. Nolan thanks his lucky stars he heard the motion detectors and tells Em they should call the cops. She refuses because she’s not the most innocent person in the world. Plus, REVENGE! Nolan just straight up goes behind her back and calls Jack and his boss anyway. They show up to take a statement from Emily because, duh, aggravated assault. Jack is angry that Emily is hiding all of this stuff from him but Emily is like, I’m quiet and mysterious. It’s kind of my thing. Jack is like “yeah but I’ll totally arrest you if Victoria is hurt.” Seems fair.

Back at Victoria’s safe house David tells Vicki that he almost killed Emily, and she’s pretty upset. She calms him down and is like “please don’t murder anyone k? We gotta live our fantasy life now.” He agrees and goes full psycho on his back with what looks like cat ‘o nine tails a la “The Da Vinci Code.” Yikes. Meanwhile, Margaux and Daniel are super in love and planning stuff. Margaux tells Daniel about the fact that

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Victoria asked her for a loan, and now she owes her big time. Daniel is kind of mad at first but he’s apparently starting up his own financial company now? Yeah..not sure that’s going to work out for you buddy.

Victoria and Charlotte get into it over David again. Charlotte is still pretty peeved that Victoria tricked her into meeting David just to get back at Emily. Victoria says these exact words for real “don’t give into the darkness, it will destroy you.” Wow thanks mom. The beacon of hope you are. After getting into a fight with Charlotte, Victoria goes to see Daniel to get into a fight with him. She tries offering him the same money she borrowed from Margaux and Daniel just laughs at her. Not good. Daniel is having a meeting with the mysterious Louise (who has a horrible southern accent) from the last episode. She’s basically stalking him at this point, definitely throwing herself at him. Is Daniel going to cheat on Margaux again? Uh…probably. During this, David is shoplifting and gets picked up by the cops. Ben calls up Emily to have her come down to the station. While prepping the lineup Jack recognizes number 3 as David Clarke and tries to warn Emily but it’s too late. Emily shows up to view the lineup and she sees David and is completely and utterly devastated. David

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

appears to recognize her somehow even though he can’t see her, could he regret his actions? Emily starts crying and rushes out of the station to find Nolan waiting for her outside. She tells him that David is inside, Nolan freaks out, and Jack comes to console her. While this is happening, Victoria is briefed by the station chief that David has been arrested. Uh oh…Just then the feds show up to take over and Emily is told to go home.

David is brought into an interrogation room where he gives a very convincing performance. He tells the feds that Conrad Grayson held him captive and tortured him (not true) and then he’s told that his name has been cleared. I’m beginning to think that David is even crazier than Victoria and also much smarter. Looks like he doesn’t really trust Victoria, good man. He’s released and Emily hears that he’s free on the news and decides to go see him against her better judgment. During his press conference he calls Victoria and Charlotte up to join him and Emily is furious. Looks like Victoria has managed to pull of the ultimate revenge.

So what did you guys think of this episode? Can Emily come back from this huge upset? Can David be trusted? Does he actually believe a word out of Victoria’s mouth, ‘cause it really doesn’t seem like it.  Will Victoria and Emily ever hook up because they are totally into each other. So many questions! Until next time, let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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