Revenge 4×03 ‘Ashes’: The family reunion to die for


Although this episode was decidedly slower paced than last week and less fun, I still really enjoyed it. The story focuses a lot on Victoria and her plot for revenge (so many revenge plots!) against Emily. We also get to see a lot of Charlotte who is just as dazed and confused as ever. Also, Daniel and Margaux are making lots of plans to do…something? Jack is sort of concerned about his bar being burned to the ground but not really.

The episode opens with Emily still trapped inside of The Stowaway after it was set ablaze by an increasingly crazy Charlotte. Jack arrives on scene and looks through the window and sees Emily laid out on the floor. He breaks into the building, and with the use of some pretty obvious Go Pro footage, saves her life. Emily is resuscitated and doesn’t tell the fireman that Charlotte knocked her out cold and then tried to roast her like a potato. Later, after surveying the damage, Jack finds out from a witness that Charlotte started the fire and confronts Emily. She’s like “yeah but Jack, let me handle this. I got this. I literally have nothing planned but, I GOT it.” Jack is not pleased.

Meanwhile, while in the throes of passion, Daniel and Margaux are making plans to take over Wall Street. No, was it Voulez? Was it…the

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

world? Anyway, Daniel is totally broke and gets kicked out of the hotel he’s been staying at since he hasn’t paid his bill in almost two months. He’s also been shut out of the finance district and no one will hire him. Margaux offers to call in some favors but he stupidly shuts her down. Broke, homeless, and probably pretty depressed, Daniel runs into a mysterious woman in green while loitering in the hotel bar. Unbeknownst to him, this is Louise, on of Vicki’s old pals from the institution. Louise was recently released and tried to hit up Victoria for money earlier in the episode but Vic laid it down for her “I have nothing.” So maybe now she’s trying to go after her son? Who knows, the show didn’t make her motives very clear. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon.

Speaking of Victoria, she and David break into some random house and decide to stay there until further notice. While stationed at the safe house, Victoria hatches a plan: she’ll set up a reunion between Charlotte and David and use their connection as leverage in her fight to get rid of Emily. She goes to see both Daniel and Charlotte upon arriving back in town, but Daniel tells her to get lost. Charlotte seems pretty happy to see her, but I imagine that’s because she’s pretty lonely after committing her first attempted murder. During Vic’s visit, Charlotte cops to trying to kill Emily and oh, by the way, did you know she is actually Amanda Clarke? Victoria nods sympathetically and says “well I’ve suspected it for a long time…” even though we all know she’s known forever. Next, Victoria convinces Charlotte to meet David for the first time and takes her to the safe house. It’s quite the happy reunion and Victoria tells David that Charlotte is the reason he was exonerated. Charlotte looks pretty uncomfortable with all of this, especially since she knows it’s all a lie. But then Victoria is like “nah just take a nap” and she totally does. That Charlotte is just way too easy to manipulate.

So, what is Emily up to during this? Well Nolan tells her that Victoria is back in town and is super worried. Emily’s kind of like “well I’m way more concerned about Charlotte trying to kill me. I think we should just hug it out.” Nolan is understandably a bit miffed that Emily is once AGAIN going into a very dangerous situation alone and with no plan. Still, Emily is bound and determined to speak with Charlotte and she marches up to the safe house after pinging the location from Charlotte’s mobile phone.


Source: ABC

Unfortunately for her, Victoria blasts on to the front porch with a huge shot-gun and threatens to kill her. Emily tells Victoria that she just wants to talk to Charlotte. Charlotte wakes up from her nap to hear Emily partially apologize for putting her through all of this, but before she can finish, Victoria interrupts by cocking the gun. Emily calls her on her bluff and Victoria backs down, but not before warning her that she better buckle up for what she’s got planned.

Back at the old Grayson manor, Emily gets a visit from Jack who tells her he won’t be rebuilding The Stowaway with the insurance money and gives her a picture of them when they were kids. That’s cute and all, but Emily’s got bigger fish to fry, like not getting murdered in her sleep. Speaking of that! Emily tells Nolan that she is having a hard time figuring out what Victoria is up to (David Clarke) and Nolan tells her he’s going to upgrade the security system and stay with her. During the upgrade, he notices something strange. He goes to check on Emily just in time, because David is there trying to stab her to death. He shoots and David runs away, Emily looks pretty disturbed. Turns out, Victoria told David about Emily’s little visit earlier and he took it pretty personal. Yikes.

So what did you guys think? I am curious to see what they do with Louise’s character and I’m really not sure who to root for at this point. Both Victoria and Emily have done some pretty terrible stuff up to this point so I’m not really sure who I should be more invested in. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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