Revenge 4×02 ‘Disclosure’: Light ‘em up


In my humble opinion this episode was way better than the first of the season. There was more drama, intrigue, and good old-fashioned revenge. Plus Madeline Stowe has some great chewing-of-the-scenery moments. Emily finally gets what’s coming to her, and Charlotte is a huge mess. Nolan actually mutters the phrase “web of thorns.” New plots are hatched by basically everyone. It was great!

The episode begins with Victoria dreaming of David Clarke choking her to death when she tells him that she masterminded the entire plan that got him falsely accused of terrorism. Maybe keep that to yourself. When she awakens, she finds that she’s been kidnapped by David and taken to the middle of nowhere in a creepy dark lair. This is where David has been hiding out for the past decade apparently and he’s a crazy, scraggly, mountain man. He interrogates Victoria and asks her why she never came forward with the truth. She tells him that Conrad threatened to hurt their children many times and she was silenced. That’s probably true but Vicki, you were way more involved in that cover up than you’re letting

Source: ABC

Source: ABC


In another castle, Emily vows to take revenge on Victoria yet again. Nolan is like lol no, and she’s like nah, I’m just going to straight up murder her this time. Whoa Emily. WHOA. After a brief chat with Daniel Emily finds out that Victoria hasn’t told anyone she’s back in town and seems suspicious. Little does she know that daddy Clarke has kidnapped her and that they are like still super in love after all this time. Precious. Nolan decides to help her keep tabs on Charlotte anyway and lead Emily to Charlotte’s location. Emily discovers Charlotte right as she’s about to jump off of a building and end it all. Luckily she stops her in time and Jack and his hot new cop partner pull her off the roof.

Meanwhile Gideon and Margaux are back at each other’s throats again over who gets to run their crappy fashion magazine. Gideon continues to prove himself a psycho, oh I should have mentioned earlier, the reason Charlotte is likely suicidal is because she’s broke, she relapsed on coke, and Gideon was cheating on her. Margaux and Daniel hatch a plan to mess up Gideon’s chances at making a huge business deal when they plant coke on him and he loses it. He threatens to kill both Daniel and Margaux if they ever mess with him again. Margaux tries to convince him she knew nothing about the plan and convinces him to fly back to London that night. Once he gets to security the drug dogs bust him and he’s arrested. Looks like Margaux and Daniel are back on top of the paper and each other. Can this storyline get any more boring now? With Gideon gone now Margaux really has no place in this story.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Jack takes Charlotte to see Emily after she’s released from the hospital. Charlotte freaks right out and demands that he take her to her family. Emily finally admits to really being Amanda Clarke after all to Charlotte. Charlotte is rightfully furious and tells Emily that she can’t handle this information right now and takes off. She tells her she chose revenge over their relationship which is true. This really upsets Emily at first but a few hours later she gets a call from Charlotte asking her to meet up at Jack’s old bar. Once there, Charlotte tells Emily she can’t tell her how she’s feeling so she wrote her a letter. As Emily is reading it, Charlotte bashes her over the head and knocks her out cold. She then sets the bar on fire and leaves Emily to die inside. Charlotte slo-mo walks away with a smirk on her face. Maybe she is just like Victoria and Emily after all.

Speaking of Victoria, she and David go to a greasy spoon to maybe talk about rekindling their bad romance. David tells Victoria that he killed Conrad. She’s pretty meh about it. She does tell him that her life was ruined by a woman named Emily Thorne though, who we all know is actually Amanda Clarke. It appears that now David will be Victoria’s guard dog and will be after Emily soon enough. Uh-oh.

So what did y’all think of the episode? I really liked it as I stated above and I think there’s going to be a lot more revenge this season than ever before. Everyone wants to kill everyone woohoo! Tell me what you thought in the comments below.

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