Revenge 4×01 ‘Renaissance’: Where do we go from here?

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Well here it is ladies and gents! The latest season of Revenge. I’m interested to see where they go from here because after last season’s stunning finale it seems like Emily’s storyline of revenge is all wrapped up. Will the Grayson’s seek revenge against Emily? Can Victoria come back from her fall from grace? Does Nolan know how crazy his hair looks? Let’s dive in.

The episode kicks off with the revelation that Emily is now residing in Grayson manor. Seems a little odd, but sure! Nolan seems to be wondering what we are: where can Emily go from here? She’s gotten everything she wanted (well, save Aiden) and is there any kind of plots she’s plotting? Emily assures him that she basically just wants to party it up all summer but we all know that’s a lie. Victoria is still in the clinic, now with a super excitable friend named Phyllis played by Yeardley Smith. It’s been six months since the events that took place in ‘Execution’ but Victoria is still bitter and ready to take her own revenge. She enlists the help of her new buddy to steal a phone and dials up the manor. She gets Emily and they both go back and forth on who has it worse and who deserves to suffer more. Gotta love those moments where they play off of each other

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

like that. It’s what makes the show great.

Oh and Jack is totally a police officer now? He feels he needs to give back to the community after witnessing so much murder and kidnapping Charlotte. Jack asks him “I’m never gonna live that down am I?” Uh…yeah guy. You KIDNAPPED somebody and really didn’t face any consequences. Meanwhile Charlotte is still living with the PTSD from being kidnapped and is acting like a crazy lady by picking up Jack’s son and not telling him about it. Oh and speaking of Charlotte? She and Daniel are still living the high life despite not having real jobs and they somehow still haven’t figured out where their mom really is? Right. Man, they are just more insufferable than ever and I really don’t feel sorry for either of them despite all of the crap their terrible parents put them through.

Meanwhile back at the old Clarke residence, Emily is sad. She’s having flashbacks to when she found Aiden’s dead body on her couch. We also see her dad waiting in the wings. Yes, for those of you who forgot, David Clarke is still totally alive and still totally stabbed Conrad in the gut and killed him. In the next scene, Emily is throwing her big bash in the Hamptons. Nolan shows up in his normal show-stealing scene. He brings her a chaise-lounge as a house-warming gift and Charlotte shows up and basically tells Emily she hates her guts still. Oh and she’s totally a coke head now thanks to Margaux’s creepy little brother. Oh yes, and speaking of Margaux like why is she still here? Oh and her haircut is even more ridiculous than Nolan’s. Seriously, now that she’s not with Daniel or Jack anymore what purpose is she going to serve other than being killed off or being her brother’s keeper. At least Nolan has puns and popped collars.

Emily decides to christen a boat in her backyard during the party and she’s made some new friends. The people christening it get a huge surprise when it turns out the boat was named after his mistress. This leads his wife to confessing that she lied, presumably, under oath, and that her husband actually killed someone last year. Turns out that someone was the fiancé of one of Emily’s party guests. Emily chases after the guest as she tries to leave and tells her at least now she’ll have justice. The lady tells her that now she’s got to relive the worst day of her life over and over again in court. Apparently Emily taking revenge for other people who didn’t even ask for it. Whoa, that’s not cool lady, I guess she’s addicted to revenge now?? Nolan tells her she needs an intervention threatens to blow the lid off of her secret. Emily tells him she messed up this time but it’s not a real problem. Uh…I would say it is. An innocent woman’s life was just made 100 times worse because you intervened. Later she admits to Nolan that she’s a revenge addict and I’m really hoping this doesn’t become a running theme this season. I mean, I don’t know how much more I can take of Emily Thorne: the billionaire revenge seeker who won’t let go.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Victoria escapes from the institution and makes a beeline for the old Grayson Manor. She confronts Emily and tells her that she’ll be seeking revenge and Emily seems unnerving;y excited by this prospect. Why don’t you guys just make out already? As Victoria goes to leave, David Clarke comes up behind her and chloroforms her, but not before she recognizes his beardy face. Uh oh! Will they all become one big happy messed up family?

So what did you guys think? I felt like this premiere was just sort of meh. Does Revenge really need another season at this point? I feel like most of the magic of the original seasons is gone and they’re just running on fumes at this point. Tell me what you think!

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