Revenge 3×22 ‘Execution’: WHAT THE WHAT?

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Uh, wow guys, that’s really all I can say about this episode. No, I’m just kidding, but holy Toledo Batman that was totally unexpected and probably the best season finale of ‘Revenge’ yet. I’m glad the show was renewed for a fourth season because I have all kinds of questions after watching this. Anyway, read on to see what I thought of this shocking season finale.

The episode starts off innocently enough as Emily flashes back to her father telling her about the cabin in the woods. Emily and the gang decide it needs to be investigated but Emily decides to go alone after she and Aiden “celebrate.” Meanwhile, Victoria says goodbye to Pascal’s body and vows that Emily will “feel the pain of this moment.” I knew at this point that the storm clouds were brewing but had no idea what to expect.

In the next scene we see Conrad trying to defend himself rather poorly by spouting conspiracy theories and other nonsense. The judge is not swayed and reveals a huge packet of evidence that is stacked against Conrad and denies his bail. Way to go Conrad, you look pretty stable right about now. The judge also reveals that he will be reopening the David Clarke investigation due to the new evidence that was brought forth.

Later, Margaux and Daniel celebrate as she makes him her second-in-command only to have their little party crashed by Gideon, her brother from afar, who seems suspiciously interested in Voulez. He claims he never wanted anything to do with the company and that Pascal sort of forced him into this. Yeah right, sure, guy. Keep telling yourself that. It’s later revealed that Gideon is planning on starting his own company with Nolan in charge of MyClone that will eventually take down his sister’s company. Yikes, what a family.

While Conrad waits in an interview room, his lawyer shows up and tells him he’s also being investigated for the murder of Pascal. Conrad begins to feel the weight of his crimes but still wants to fight it in court. His lawyer advises him to make a plea and hope for life imprisonment. Obviously, Conrad isn’t exactly thrilled with this decision and he is taken back to his cell. Once there, a large corrections officer punches him in the gut and seems to have some sort of vendetta against him, as should the entire world.

At that same moment, Victoria realizes that Amanda Clarke was never related to David Clarke and that Emily has been posing as her the whole time. She and the shadow man agree he should wait for her at the cabin. When Emily arrives a huge fight breaks out and Emily quickly gains the upper hand. After defeating her foe, she discovers a syringe has been implanted in her leg. Once she returns home, Aiden chides her for going it alone and Emily tells him that the shadow man isn’t in the best shape. I wonder if he’s dead…So then, Emily suspects that Victoria must be trying to get a sample of her DNA. She tells Aiden that they have to try to use Michelle Banks, her childhood therapist, as leverage against Victoria and Aiden decides to go by himself to speak with her. Dun, dun, dun.

At Michelle’s office, Aiden tells her he knows about her involvement in the conspiracy to cover up a terrorist act and he needs Victoria’s files. Michelle agrees to get them for him and as she walks down the hallway we see Victoria lying in wait. Victoria enters the office and reveals to Aiden that she knew he’d be coming here all along, oh and by the way, your tea has been spiked with a paralyzing poison. When Aiden succumbs to the deadly drink, Victoria suffocates him with a pillow to get revenge for Pascal’s murder. Uh, WHAT? You guys, I did not see this coming at all. Poor Emily. But I suppose when you seek revenge, you should dig two graves eh?

Back at the bar, Emily meets up with Jack and they both watch as David Clarke’s name is cleared on the television. Emily cries tears of joy and decides to go back home and see what Aiden has found out. When she gets there, she discovers Aiden sitting on her couch dead and has a pretty hard time accepting this. We see Victoria listening to Emily’s screams from her balcony, and she seems pretty indifferent about it. Sheesh, ice cold Victoria is utterly terrifying.

The next morning, Nolan is checking on Emily and she tells him how much she loved Aiden and thought they could have a life together. She blames herself for his death, but Nolan tells her Aiden never would have left her side anyway. Nolan goes downstairs to talk with Jack, they mention that Aiden’s death was ruled a suicide so there’s no way Victoria will be linked to it. Nolan thinks Victoria should die, and Jack talks him out of it, but by the time their conversation is finished we see that Emily has left the house, on her way to take down Victoria no doubt.

Alright, kiddos, and this is where things get really hairy. Emily enlists Michelle’s help to take down Victoria. We see Conrad praying in a church, and he seems to be repenting, if only for his selfish soul. The corrections officer lets him go and it looks like Conrad will be getting away, ONCE AGAIN, scot-free. Emily tells Charlotte she is going to move David’s grave which prompts Charlotte to tell Victoria and confront Jack about what’s going on. Jack gets taken downtown for questioning.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Then Emily and Victoria have their big show down in the graveyard. Just when Victoria asks Emily why she’s digging up Amanda Clarke’s grave, she gets clocked in the head with a shovel. Gideon reveals to Nolan that he will be blackmailing Daniel with a photo. Conrad is seen being stabbed to death by none other than DAVID CLARKE HIMSELF. WHAT?

Finally, we see Emily and Victoria in a psychiatric ward. Victoria begins to rail that Emily is Amanda Clarke, but the doctor doesn’t believe her and Michelle comes in to add support to this claim. Emily walks away victoriously from the room and we end the season. Oh my god you guys…See, I had a feeling that Conrad might die just because his usefulness as a character is pretty much over. I did not see Aiden’s death coming though, or Victoria being locked away in a mental hospital. Phew! I know I can’t wait for next season, how about you guys? What did you think? Were you shocked/amazed/flabbergasted? Let us know in the comments below!

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