Revenge 3×21 ‘Impetus’: “You Got Him.”


Confusion, calamity, and confrontation round out the second to last episode of season three. Some serious shenanigans go down here and your head will be spinning as you try to keep up with all of the details that are flying around. A lot of questions are answered but even more are left wide open for next week’s season finale episode. With all that in mind, read on for my recap of ‘Impetus.’

The episode starts off with the revelation that Charlotte wasn’t kidnapped by the shadow man, but by Aiden and Emily. She’s taken to a safe house where Emily kick starts her plan to take down Conrad and Victoria. Meanwhile, Victoria speaks with Daniel on the beach about how she knows Emily and Conrad had something to do with Pascal’s death and she wants vengeance. It seems like everyone is out to get each other and the action starts to ramp up when Margaux learns from the detective working her father’s case that he was suspiciously wearing a wire at the time of his death.

Soon after this Conrad receives a live feed on his laptop of Charlotte being held captive and gets a phone call from Emily (using a voice modulator) asking him to make a full confession about flight 197 and the conspiracy to cover it up and making David Clarke take the fall. After this interaction, Nolan starts to feel awful about Charlotte being held captive and Emily tells him and Aiden to suck it up because nothing is changing until her revenge is complete. This season, Emily’s arc developed her into a ruthless and frightening person and I think she’s more like Victoria than she likes to admit.

Back at Voulez, Margaux tells Jack she suspects that Conrad had something to do with her father’s death and Daniel agrees. I have a feeling at this point everyone in the show just wants to see Conrad behind bars for good. Speaking of Conrad, he goes to a wharf as a designated meeting spot for Charlotte’s kidnappers and finds a tablet with footage of her being tortured. In reality, Nolan manipulated the MyClone app features to show Charlotte being “tortured.” He also discovers a dismembered ear belonging to Charlotte, but we know as an audience that Emily would never actually hurt Charlotte which makes me wonder where Emily found a human ear…

Emily also admits to Nolan during this time that she has no idea what will happen now that she is so close to having her revenge. She has never made any plans for when her mission is complete and now she’s struggling to see her future take shape. I think that anyone who is this focused on revenge probably wouldn’t think about living a normal life because it would be almost impossible to have one after carrying it out.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Later, Victoria hunts down Jack’s son at the playground and waits for him to hurt himself enough to draw blood. Which makes me wonder if she set up some kind of toddler trap for him? UH CREEPY! She takes a blood sample and it’s obvious she’s going to test his blood against Charlotte’s to see if they are both related to Amanda Clarke. In the next scene we see Emily showing Charlotte footage of the doomed flight 197 to prove to her that both of her “parents” were involved in the conspiracy and cover up. Charlotte reacts very badly obviously, especially after seeing footage of both Amanda Clarke and Declan. Yikes, Emily…you could have just told her yourself at this point. Jack discovers what Emily is doing to Charlotte and confronts her about it, telling her that she’s really crossed a line. Aiden agrees and says Charlotte is having a panic attack which prompts Emily to leave and get Charlotte some medication.

While Emily is out getting the meds, the detective from earlier stops her. He wants her to come with him downtown and answer some questions. Emily reluctantly agrees and immediately regrets it when she finds out at the station that Daniel is behind these accusations. However, Nolan finds a way to hack the system and gets Emily out of trouble yet again. Margaux asks Daniel why he would point the finger at Emily over a business disagreement which leads to Daniel telling her the truth about Pascal’s involvement with flight 197. There are some things you just don’t want to know about your parents, trust me! Obviously, Margaux is heartbroken to hear this but I think it will help her finally put him in the past.

At the safe house, Jack sees how upset Charlotte is and decides to let her go. He lets her go on the beach in front of Grayson Manor and she goes inside to confront Conrad about everything she has just learned. Unbeknownst to her, she is wearing a small camera in her coat (that Emily put there of course) and catches Conrad on tape confessing to his involvement in flight 197 and threatening to get rid of her like so many others. The whole world sees the footage that Nolan is broadcasting live, and he and Emily watch Conrad on television incriminating himself. This leads to Nolan saying “Ems, you got him” and she holds back tears. I can only imagine what it would feel like to see justice after so many years, but I think I would feel the same.

Finally, with Conrad under arrest (hooray!) Emily and Aiden speak on her balcony about how she has won this battle but not the war because Victoria still walks free. Jack also joins them and tells Emily about the ring he found that definitely belonged to David Clarke and about the scary cabin in the woods. On another balcony, Victoria tells Daniel she knows the truth about Emily and holds what appears to be DNA records in her hand.

So what do you guys think? Will Victoria finally confront Emily with all she knows and stop her before she can seek revenge on her? Or will Emily get the last word and finally bury Victoria once and for all? Tell us in the comments and join us next week for the season finale: ‘Execution.’

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