Resurrection 2×13 ‘Loved In Return’: The end?


Season Two ended with a bang. And by bang, I mean the world almost ended. And by that, I mean that another Mass Return occurred. Fun stuff! In all seriousness though, this was one of the most intense episodes of the show which made it really exciting. 

Most of the episode took place in and around the Langston’s home as Rachael prepared to give birth. Margaret came in, sneakily, but was soon discovered when she tried to Disappear Rachael and was forced to leave right as the Returned started to arrive. Pastor James is still convinced that the baby is evil, as is Margaret, and believes that the baby is hurting Jacob.

Marty and Fred try to call for backup, but no one came. The government people magically disappeared and the cops all got taken hostage at the police station. So, the Langstons had to fight people off which I thought was really cool. My one problem with it was that all of the Returned that were trying to break in were young. How did young people die? They could have a valid excuse, but I think most of them were stupid and drunk and then got lucky to Return. Honestly, if they really want to get rid of the baby, they probably aren’t/weren’t the best people ever. Basically I wanted Fred, Henry, and Marty to shoot everyone who broke in.

Margaret and James both failed at Disappearing Rachael, which is good because the baby doesn’t seem to be evil in any sort of way. He wasn’t born with pitch black eyes and claws for fingers, so I’d say that the chances of him being a somewhat normal baby are quite high. Jacob’s headache probably went away when the baby was born, so I don’t know what was up with that. I thought we would get some answers in the final five minutes, however, this was not the case.

Sadly, the ending seemed to imply that the show is over. Given that the season ended with “One Year Later”, the opportunity to use the mass return as a Season Three is gone. Also, Marty apparently hadn’t visited the Langstons recently, and since he and Jacob were the first big characters, this indicates that the show is wrapping up. Another example is the scene where the Langstons, Marty, Fred, Maggie, and Elaine were all eating dinner together with a nice song playing in the background. That’s the kind of stuff that finales are made of. It was a happy ending for everyone.

Or was it? The very last scene had cicadas swarming baby Nathaniel’s room (I still really like that name). Some power still remains, also evidenced by the Returns still occurring all over. In addition, we don’t exactly know where the government contacts went. They obviously cleared out in a hurry, but the only reason that I could think of was that they left before the Mass Return. Then again, that doesn’t make sense because why didn’t they just hide in the building?

ABC doesn’t announce their renewals and cancellations for another few months, so we won’t be sure until then whether our beloved show is returning next fall. Until then, just keep watching TV (for healthy amounts of time) and read my reviews for Once Upon A Time when it returns on March 1.

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