Resurrection 2×12 ‘Steal Away’: Baby Antichrist


What do you call a baby that supposedly put all of the Returned into a trance? Apparently it’s Satan. What do you call a man who poisons everyone to escape government custody? Oddly enough, this show would call him a Preacher. I’m just saying, something is a little off with the town of Arcadia’s ideas of good and evil. Anyways, this episode was amazing and, like I have said for the past few weeks, the show might be renewed if the episodes remain as good as this one. 

“Steal Away” was the second to last episode of Resurrection‘s second season. It ended with a cliffhanger that honestly almost sent me into panic mode. Preacher James and his small-ish group of Returned are going after Rachael and her unborn child because the baby is supposedly the Antichrist. They don’t didn’t know where she was, until Jacob told Margaret who told the Preacher that Rachael was being hidden at Henry and Lucille’s home. Darn it Jacob… you weren’t supposed to say anything.

How did Margaret get out of the government facility? Well, if you’re reading this, you probably saw the episode and know that the Preacher provided Communion to the Returned there and the wine was poisoned so they all died. Then they returned. Still no signs of Tom, Barbara, or Jenny’s parents (or Caleb for that matter), although with the events of next week, I have very high hopes.

Meanwhile, Angela is being all scientific and realizes that there have been mass Returns way before anyone could even remember and most occurred in Arcadia (or in the case of the Native Americans, the place where Arcadia is located). The remaining question is “Why?” I previously thought it was all because of Margaret’s deceased jerk of a husband. But if it has happened way before then, could Preacher James be right about all of the Returned being demons? Could the Devil be rising? Does this all sound a bit like a Supernatural arc? (The answer to the last question is yes.)

Furthermore, Angela discovers that the next mass Return is coming and the location is not just Arcadia; people are going to Return all over the world. Dun-dun-duuunnnnn.

Quick complaint: How did no one, except the Preacher, piece together that the trance was because of the baby? Bellamy did realize this when he was talking to Angela, but before that, how did no one find it odd that the pregnant Returned lady was in pain while the trance was going on? Right at the beginning of the episode I literally spoke aloud to my TV: “It’s the baby.” I still don’t really believe that it’s Baby Antichrist, although the quick development of the child in the womb does sound a little mystical.

What did you think of the episode? Comment below and tune in for 2×13 “Love in Return” aka the final episode of the season (and possibly series, which is why we need a lot of people to watch so it gets renewed). And now, my quick little prediction paragraph which will definitely have spoilers from the promo and press release so read on if you dare.

First of all, the title of the episode definitely has a double meaning. Someone may have to Love someone/something In Return for the someone/something doing something for the first person. (Good job Nathan. You constructed one of the worst sentences ever.) The other meaning is obviously something about the Returned. Love may come from the Returned? The promo basically just showed us that the Returned are breaking into the Langston’s home and fighting their way to Rachael while Maggie is trying to deliver the baby AND the mass Return is happening. Finally, the press release basically says the same thing as the promo with the addition of “Are any of them really ready to face the implications of what this might bring?” which means “Are they ready for the possible Antichrist?”

Thanks for reading and I will see you next week.

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