Resurrection 2×11 ‘True Believer’: Have faith


After another tragic death in the town of Arcadia, things are beginning to improve. The mysterious Preacher James was revealed to have a power to basically help people Return. While I still find it a little difficult to believe, many of the townspeople are jumping on the bandwagon and begging for their loved ones to be Returned to the living. 

Henry and Lucille talked on the phone and decided to try and make up over dinner at Twain’s. Little did they know that Henry would suffer from a heart attack on his way there. Lucille remained hopeful, however, after hearing of her husband’s death. Preacher James did help Lucille get Henry back (thank God), and everything seems to be going good for Jacob and his parents.

Margaret is all locked up and acting just as tough as she always has. When the glasses lady offered Margaret a spot on the escape team, I think it’s a big hint of what’s to come. In all honesty, I thought Margaret was going to agree when she heard of Henry’s death. Now though, she has even more of a reason to leave because her son is alive. Although last week she did say she hated him… I’m sure they’ll make up.

Rachael at Preacher James's Grave

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Rachael finally came back to town, only to find out that her baby is still growing too fast and she doesn’t have a place to stay. But fear not! My second favorite character, Elaine, offered to let Rachael stay in a room above Twain’s. Then they bonded as they went to visit Tom’s grave. When passing by Preacher James’s (first) grave, Rachael paused for a moment, but doesn’t seem to know why. Could she know of his power to Return people? Will she ask for him to bring Tom back? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I hope the latter one is at least a “yes.”

Still, I don’t know if I trust the Preacher. He seems to have turned away from his evil ways, which he admitted to Bellamy at the end of the episode. Yet he still doesn’t seem super trustworthy. Why does he collect all of that money? He doesn’t really do anything to deserve it except apparently dying to retrieve the dead. Another reason that I don’t trust James is because my first thought when he demanded help from Bellamy was “Bellamy wouldn’t help except for the fact that it was Henry who died. I honestly believe that James killed Henry just to ensure that Bellamy would come to the Langston’s rescue. The Preacher is just way too shady to not have ulterior motives.

Finally, I must make a quick comment on the actions of Margaret. She willingly went to the center for the Returned. Was this to get away from her past, or does she want to break everyone out to take over the world? Furthermore, why did she tell her sons that she hates them, then cry when she finds out that one of them died? She’s playing them still, even from so far away.

Anyways, tune in to ABC on January 18 for “Steal Away”, the season’s (and maybe series’s) penultimate episode. Read on for my analysis of the promo for next week’s episode.

SPOILERS: Another surge of Returned is coming. I blame Preacher James. Like I said above, I don’t trust him. Furthermore, Rachael’s baby is growing fast and is coming soon. Whether this is good or bad, I don’t know. If it’s a bad thing, then we probably need another season. If the baby is good, then I am pretty much okay with the show ending in two weeks. Also, Returned are going to pop up all over the world, but no big deal. I’m sure our heroes will figure something out.

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