Resurrection 2×10 ‘Prophecy’: A triumphant return


The return of Resurrection went better than I thought it would. There were intense moments, answers to burning questions, all ending with an interesting cliffhanger. Honestly, if all of the episodes were like this one, I think ratings would be a lot higher.

First of all, the casting department and hair/make-up people did a great job with Young Lucille and Young Margaret. When the episode first opened up, I thought it was the normal actress portraying Lucille. The only reason that I knew it wasn’t was the voice. If she hadn’t talked, I would have been convinced the whole time that it was the same actress.

In addition, I was happy with the flashbacks because they were extremely helpful to the plot. Lucille’s flashbacks showed the parallel between Jacob’s death day and the present in which Jacob was missing. For the viewers, it created a greater emotional attachment to the situation. Margaret’s flashbacks did a similar thing, showing the viewers how scared she was to get married to the Langston. I guess I never put it together that Margaret become owner of the factory through marriage. I felt bad for her for the first time. Of course, she ruined that when she told Henry and Fred that she hated them.

Margaret revealed that the Langston’s were cursed and that is the reason for the Returned. I have trouble believing this because of Bellamy’s and Rachael’s returns. The big thing that bothers me about Margaret telling all of the secrets is that she told Fred how to get rid of the Returned. Now that he has that knowledge, I think he is going to try it out in the future. Hopefully it’s not used on someone good…

Thank god for the cure. Hopefully everyone remains safe from the virus for the remainder of the show. I’m mostly happy that Jenny is reunited with her “baby” brother and her friend, The Preacher (who I don’t think was named yet?). I legitimately laughed to see Jenny sleeping on the couch because I forgot that Bellamy, who is now on the floor, was still staying with Maggie.

Lightning Moon Scar

Source: ABC

The end of the episode was definitely interesting. Bellamy came to the spot that the Preacher was struck by lightning. I don’t know if Bellamy knows, but the shape of the dead grass on the ground is a moon aka the birthmark on his neck. This is hopefully significant and not just thrown in for the fun of it. Also, what came out of the ground? Were they cicadas, locusts, or some type of beetle? I believe they were the same insects that were seen dead at the end of season one/beginning of season two. Next week, we can be sure to see more of The Preacher, as seen in the promo.


The most interesting part of the promo is that the Preacher said that he can bring people back. It’s a little worrisome that someone has that power, but it definitely contrasts Margaret’s “power” to make the Returned disappear. I believe that the conversation is more about bringing the newly dead Henry back. Why they are killing off Henry is a huge mystery to me, but I hope he indeed gets brought back. This leads to the question of who else the man will bring back. I have a list of people that I want: Henry, Tom, Barbara, and Jenny’s parents (because they need to meet their son). What are the limitations of the power? I guess we will have to watch and see.


Hope you liked reading my thoughts on this week’s episode. Tune in next week to “True Believer”. If the last few episodes of the season are like this week’s I believe that ratings have a good chance of going back up and a season three renewal! Have anything you want to add? Comment below!

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