Resurrection 2×09 ‘Aftermath’: The episode title gives it away


Welcome to the final Resurrection review of 2014. A lot of things felt final about the episode too. I don’t think it was as good as last week’s episode, but it did continue the events that occurred last week. It also solved some problems, although it created many more. 

Tom has indeed passed away. Everyone in the town was greatly affected by the passing of their pastor. Jeanine was upset, but probably not as much as Rachael. I was still upset, until I remembered the whole point of the show was people coming back from the dead. My OTP for this show still has a chance! The only problem is that Jeanine might be dead. Rachael had every right to try to escape the pastor’s psycho wife, but she may have murdered someone who totally cared for her (baby).

Marty and Maggie desperately tried to convince the government that they need birth fluid (from Rachael’s dead body). Some guy who I don’t think we have ever seen before was a total jerk about it and denied the request. I was super angry because Marty was gonna die. That is, until they noticed that Angela the prediction lady slipped some of the fluid into Maggie’s bag. It looks like people are going to get healed after all. I’m just worried about Jenny. Marty didn’t get to see his older – er… younger? – sister on this visit to the not-so-secret government facility. She must be lonely.

Thank the Lord for Henry standing up to his mother. It wasn’t her business to try to get the factory back up and running or not. I mean, it used to be her business, but after she died, Henry took over so now it’s his building to worry about. The fact that she also kept the fire that killed twelve people a secret was also a bad idea on her part. OK, so I know I am the one reviewing, but what exactly is Margaret’s deal with the grandpa man? Was he a previous Returned that she killed or nah?

The ending of the episode crushed me. I definitely thought Lucille was going to look around the corner and see Jacob and Margaret disappearing. I mean, it was hinted at in the promo. Then again, promos are manipulated to make us think one thing will happen and then another thing entirely occurs. For more examples of this, see my Once Upon A Time reviews. I am not okay with Jacob leaving. I mean, he can’t right? He’s the center of the show. The whole series was based off of him being discovered as a child who came back from the dead.

Anyway, tune in on January 4th for the mid-season premiere. As of right now, it is not looking good for a renewal. With only four episodes left this season, coming back at the same time as mid-season filler shows (Galavant and Agent Carter), and the fact that the upcoming ABC drama Secrets & Lies is taking the Sunday 9/8c spot starting March 1, things are definitely looking towards a cancellation. What do you think? Should Resurrection be picked up for a third season? Or has the story been told in the two seasons? We still have the four episodes to look forward to, so we just have to look to the future. Until then, you can check out my review for Once Upon A Time, with this week’s already up and the mid-season finale’s review coming next Monday.

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