Resurrection 2×08 ‘Forsaken’: The insane and the dead


OK, wow writers. Way to make me throw my remote and cell phone. That was uncalled for. However, I must admit that this was the best cliffhanger that they’ve had so far. Obviously it got me to freak out, so I am sure other people had similar reactions. 

So, I could basically write a whole review on the Tom, Rachael, and Jeanine storyline, but I will talk a little bit about the other characters. First off, Margaret is really confusing me. She was all for the factory deal, then she saw that the Returned guy was involved, and then she was hiding the fact that she called off the deal from Henry. In addition, it looks like next week her conversation with Jacob about leaving is going to advance to a possible Jacob disappearance, which I am not okay with.

Henry is risking his house right now, and that’s not a good idea at all. I’m assuming that the season finale, or maybe even the mid-season finale, will include the Langstons losing their home or fighting to keep it. Margaret will definitely not go down without a fight, unless she is gone of course.

I’m glad Maggie and Lucille are trying to make up. It’s true that Lucille should not have been so mean to Barbara, but she did have all of her anger kept inside her. It was just an awkward situation, being around your son’s “killer” who died at the exact same time, except now they are both Returned. Maggie is still a mess though, not getting any sleep which will definitely come back to haunt her.

Bellamy finally exposed his secret: He is a Returned. I was laughing so hard because the whole diner just stared in shock and Fred was like “Um what?” It was really nice of Fred to care about Maggie though, making sure Bellamy had already told her.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (or was it just me?): I AM SO ANGRY AT JEANINE! I knew she was crazy. I knew she was wanting to keep the baby for herself. But I didn’t know she was keeping her baby journal when she doesn’t even get to make any of the decisions. I also didn’t know that she was so desperate to obtain the baby that she would lie to Tom and Rachael just to keep them apart.

Rachael confused me when she got the procedure done (I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the procedure; someone should comment what it was). In the previous episode, she refused to take medicine because it might kill the baby. But now she was all for saving other people, even though she knew it might cost the baby his life.

TOM!!! He finally admitted his undying love for Rachael after he found out that Jeanine was crazy. Did you notice the italics on that word? Because it’s ironic. Because the way they ended the episode, it looks like Tom is dead. I originally thought that the doors were locked and Tom would be stuck with the tear gas. But nope. He got out… and then got hit by Officer CARRLLLLLLL. As soon as I heard the car coming, I knew what was about to happen. Cue me throwing my phone and remote across the room. If Tom is dead (and doesn’t Return, although he probably will at some point, with the next surge), I don’t know if I will be able to watch the show anymore. He is one of my favorite characters and he is important to my favorite (Rachael), so he needs to be okay. *sobs*

Tune in next week for “Aftermath” which probably means the aftermath of the death and also probably Margaret’s “promise” to Jacob. In fact, this episode appears to be the mid-season finale, with the show returning January 4, 2015 (this is according to a source that may not be reliable; I honestly don’t remember if next week’s promo said anything about it being the finale).

P.S. I will continue to watch the show until it ends and will probably continue reviewing it here unless something comes up. (My life is literally so uneventful that I don’t foresee me getting too busy for this site any time soon.)

P.S.S. I really like the baby’s possible name. *cough*Nathaniel*cough*

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