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Resurrection 2×07 ‘Miracles’: Shutting down the whole town

I can honestly say that this week’s episode went really well. Although there is a lot more mystery to solve, the plot definitely thickened. 
Come on Bellamy. Why did it take so long to tell Maggie that you are a Returned? This was the part that upset me the most about this episode, as well as previous episodes. They need to trust each other and work together if they want to figure out how to help the Returned.
Rachael finally got better! I was really worried for her. I agreed that she shouldn’t take the medicine because who knows what would happen to the baby? Although Tom seems to think something is wrong. He looked at Jeanine like she was hiding something, which she very well could be, but I don’t think she would give Rachael the medicine because, like I said, the baby might suffer and that’s the whole point of Jeanine being nice. She is only in it for the unborn Returned.
CARRRRLLLLLL! Why do you have to do that man? Because of the Deputy, it seems that the Returned are having their homes marked. And it seems like the True Living group may continue to cause pain. They will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of their town from the undead..

… Especially with Ray getting the virus. They believe that he is a True Living human, so now the town is worried that the virus is mutating. It even surprised the government lady whose name I forgot since last week. But could Ray be a Returned? He seemed awfully quiet in those meetings. Maybe someone killed him, got rid of the body, and he quickly came back?

The only other super confusing parts about the episode were the dream and the deal. It appears that certain Returned can connect their dreams now? I guess it could be in the same way Jacob sensed Caleb in season one. And then the deal about the factory. Why does this “grandpa” want to interfere? I mean, I know he was in the fire, but who is he and why is he so angry.

Anyways, tune in next week for… Um… Well, there isn’t a new episode next week… I guess you could always check out my Once Upon A Time reviews. But on November 30, tune into a new episode of Resurrection titled “Forsaken” which could have a lot of meanings.

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