Resurrection 2×06 ‘Afflictions’: True living


This week’s episode was the bomb dot com. It was intense. It had answers. Characters grew. I was really happy with the way it turned out actually. Which is odd because one of my favorite characters wasn’t even in the episode. But let’s get right down to it!

I actually took some notes on what I wanted to talk about this week, so hopefully this review turns out longer than the others I have been writing. One thing I wrote down was about the plane crash that opened the episode. Right away, I was hooked. The camera work on the scene was great, showing only the girl and her pop and then backing up showing that she is in the only seat left, sitting in a field after her plane crashed. It cut to Angela (I think that is her name), leading the audience to believe that she was the little girl, the sole survivor. Speaking of Angela, I don’t know if I trust her. All her talk about how she is good at predictions? I think she just guesses and things turn out to be right. However, if she was the only living person on the plane, still drinking her soda even, maybe she does have some weird power or something to protect her and help her predict.

I was happy to see that Elaine was featured heavily in this episode. Even her brother made a reappearance (and after seeing the promo for next week, it seems he is going to be on more often this season). Elaine must feel horrible after “imagining” Margaret in the park with Barbara. Elaine even began to question whether or not to trust The Returned because of her brother, who seems pretty untrustworthy and probably mentally unstable. But we still get to see her comforting Maggie and being an overall good person.

After the disappearance of Barbara, Maggie and Fred are crushed. I could feel the sadness that they had. They pretty much switched spots in regards to how they are dealing with things. Maggie was panicking and was just not taking the news well. Given the stress of the situation, as well as all of the sick Returned, and even with Bellamy missing, she deserved to have a breakdown. Fred, on the other hand, was sad but handled the tragedy pretty well. He contemplated turning to alcohol, but instead he chose coffee which shows his growth as a character.

Bellamy went through a lot this week as well. He got treated for the virus, but knows that he won’t be cured (at least not yet). He found out about his parents dying from the disease, but was happy that his “older” sister was still alive. He even made a connection with her. On a side note, I wondered if they told Nadej k Bailey, the actress who portrays Jenny, that Bellamy was her long lost brother because she pulled off the scene so well that she almost seemed like she actually didn’t know. Anyways, I was confused why Bellamy would give Maggie the medicine when he’s sick, until I saw that he had taken a few. Sneaky Bellamy.

Who is the guy that wants to buy the Langston factory and what does he want with it? All I gathered from his scene was that he has a grudge against the Langston family and he is a Returned. Not much more I could understand.

Finally, I was a little upset about Rachael, Tom, and Janine were absent. I really like the baby story line and want to know what’s going to happen now that Rachael is sick. I think I saw that they are back next week (or at least Rachael is), so I am happy.

Well, that was definitely a longer review than the past few weeks. Hope you enjoyed it. Comment what you thought and tune in for next week’s episode, “Miracles.”

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