Resurrection 2×05 ‘Will’: The power in returning


Just as I assumed last week, this episode, “Will,” was much better. There is a lot more drama and a lot more happiness. We don’t exactly get answers per se, but we do get a sort of explanation to some events that have happened in the series.

I was excited to see you Barbara and Fred reunite. I know that Margaret was not extremely happy about this and Maggie was a little confused, but it’s the first time that Fred has been genuinely happy since the Returned started returning. Throughout the episode, I just had a feeling that he would finally except that these are people and not demons or whatever he thought last season that freaked him out.

It was also nice to see Elaine again. Her scenes with Maggie and Barbara were really nice and happy. I want Elaine to be expanded on because I think her character is one of the best on the show and the actress is amazing at playing the small part.

Janine was the other character that was really happy this week. She really has turned herself around from hating Rachael. She’s happy with Tom and she’s cooking soup and she seems to care about Rachael’s well-being.

But with this show, nothing good ever lasts. Margaret just had to have her way. She made Barbara disappear which really upset me. Forget about my feelings though. Maggie and Elaine were crushed by the disappearance. Also Bellamy is sick, which is upsetting I guess.

What I’m confused about is why they didn’t expand on what Margaret said last week about the demons. The only explanation we got was that the Returned are being punished for their sins and that they can “will” them selves to leave by just letting go of everything. Jacob is still a child so I don’t know what sin he is supposedly being punished for is. Basically I just want answers.

Tune in next week to “Afflictions” for some more answers, hopefully. With the ratings as low as they are, we better get some answers before the season is up.

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