Resurrection 2×04 ‘Old Scars’: An unexpected guest


Last week, I was unable to write a review for the third episode due to my senior year homecoming week. But now that is over and I am back to write some more.

I don’t know what is going on with the show. I am beginning to lose interest in it. I don’t really relate to it like I do with other shows. This week did bring up a new idea (DEMONZ), so maybe that will help get me more interested in the show again.

The part of the show that I am most happy with is Tom/Rachael/Jeanine. They have all grown so much since Rachael Returned. Jeanine in particular. She hated Rachael. But in this episode, even though we see her try to continue hating, she is unable to and takes her friend’s advice at staying and helping with the baby. She even makes the decision to let Rachael stay at the house. I just found it really nice and am looking forward to seeing this trio grow and work together.

I’m not a huge fan of all the drama that ensued at the Langston house. Lucille is not someone who seemed like she would be that easy to snap. However, given that she had a few drinks and she believed Barbara was responsible for Jacob’s death, I guess that explains it. But overall, I blame Jacob’s grandma. Ever since she Returned, people have been on edge and sick. But yea, I’m still upset about how it went down.

My favorite part of the episode was when Jacob’s grandma told the story about the demons. It appears to be a true story so that means that we will be getting more of a Supernatural feel in the upcoming episodes.

Tune in to ABC next week for “Will” and to find out what will happen to the sick Returned.

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