Resurrection 2×02 ‘Echoes’: A sick man returns


“Echoes” is yet another example of how the second episode of a season can be better than the first. Some people may disagree with me, but I think that this week’s episode was more interesting. Especially the final scene of the episode. Just more questions that need to be answered I guess.

Tom's Wife

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     One thing that I noticed was that there wasn’t very much character growth in this episode. Bellamy is still confused about his new employer. Jacob is still just a confused child, now even more, since he’s thinking about what’s going to happen if his parents die. Out of the many characters, I think the most character growth came from Fred and Tom’s wife. Fred is trying to stop drinking, most likely for the sake of his daughter and so that he doesn’t molest his daughters friend again. Tom’s wife is accepting the fact that Tom isn’t cheating, he’s just supporting someone who he used to be involved with.
     The man who Returned this week was not Caleb like Bellamy and Fred thought. Instead it was one of the old factory workers. I’m guessing he is somehow connected to the bones found at the end of the episode. Speaking of which, Jacob’s grandma is really creepy. She has a temper toward her children, and she knew where the bones were. So somehow she’s involved as well.
     Just because I think the episode was better then the season two premiere does not mean that I think the acting was fantastic. I thought the plot was better. But Bellamy and Maggie’s exchange about the missing Returned guy just seemed really rushed and boring. Possibly kind of childish. By that I mean the quality of acting that most child stars give in the early days of their acting career. It was just that scene though. The rest of the time, the two characters seem to be better performed.
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I’m really looking forward to learning about the government lady that Bellamy is working for now. She is kind of scary, but she is probably going to help in the long run. At some point I think Marty is going to turn his back on her, so she’ll have to come into town and do her own dirty work. I also want to know what happened to Jacob’s first Returned friend. That family seems to be connected to Bellamy if I recall correctly from season one. We had a brief glimpse of them in the season two premiere, but we didn’t learn anything new about them.

     Tune in next week for “Multiple” to get one step closer to finding out the secret of the Returned.

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