Resurrection 2×01 ‘Revelation’: Betrayal


Hooray!! I am so excited for Resurrection to be back. I have missed being confused by it. The season premiere was no different.

Bellamy woke up in a field by the side of the road. This immediately made me think that he died and Returned. His flashbacks and the fact that Jacob was suddenly back home made me doubt that. I am unsure if that was the intention or I just read too much into it. But it was revealed that he did indeed die. The new question is who is the lady who is basically hiring Bellamy as a spy and what does she want with Arcadia? Does she know that Bellamy is already connected with some of the Returned?

It’s a BOY!!! Rachael’s pregnancy is going well and she may be farther along than previously thought. (If you watched the preview for next week, you probably know what is going on with the baby, but in case you didn’t, I won’t spoil anything.) She’s staying at Tom’s home, which Tom immediately got defensive about, but hey. It’s his baby. No need to be all uppity about it.

Was anyone creeped out by Fred? I was. Getting drunk is not going to get rid of the fact that his family is Returning and that he almost had them all killed by the army. Then he almost kisses his daughter’s best friend? Gross. I did not like his story line in this episode, and honestly, I don’t like his character at all.

Jacob’s grandma is back! She did not seem bothered at all that her son’s are now her age. I’m sure she loves them just the same though, right? Well, maybe just Henry and not so much Fred, but it’s the thought that counts.

There’s not much else I can think to say about this week’s episode. It definitely wasn’t my favorite of the series. I have faith that the rest of the season will bring more excitement, more answers, and more questions. Tune in next week for “Echoes” and get excited for this season!!

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