Resurrection 1×08 ‘Torn Apart’: Everybody needs to run


Bravo. This season finale was excellent and left many questions for us to think about between now and the next season, which has yet to be announced.

First off, I apologize for last week’s review. It was sloppy and really quickly put together. It was also more about my hopes for a season two rather than the actual episode. I am extremely sorry for this, but it’s a new week now. It was also the season finale. So sit back, relax, and read my thoughts on Resurrection episode eight: “Torn Apart”.


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When Rachael was looking at her own corpse, I just felt that she was really weird. It was kind of dry, I guess, and there wasn’t any real emotion being expressed. It was just kind of there to emphasize that these people can die again and Return again. Speaking of Rachael, this episode did not feature her as heavily as the past three episodes, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Then there was the whole argument between Maggie and her mother. I thought the scene was very well acted, but it was so quick and we don’t have a great understanding of why Maggie is so angry. She hasn’t had a lot of close scenes with her father, yet she is defending him to her mother whom she just found out was alive again.

The exchange between Barbara, Maggie’s mother, and Sheriff Langston was weird but definitely necessary. It just really upsets me that this is what made Sheriff Langston change his mind. He has resentment towards his wife — well, ex-wife — and so he turned against all the other Returned. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but he did what he thought he should do.

I’m glad that Bellamy could sense that something was wrong. I think that Lucille and Henry would be even more devastated if their son had been taken from them in that gym. It’s bad enough that Barbara is still stuck in there, and that Maggie got arrested. Then there’s the whole thing with Jenny’s family. We didn’t see her dad go to Janine’s sister’s house. I’m assuming that that means he did not make it out of the gymnasium during the fire alarm. They didn’t mention what happened to him but they did seem really upset and scared, so I’m just assuming.


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I wish there was more Bellamy and Maggie scenes in this season. They definitely have chemistry, but I don’t think Bellamy is paying enough attention. Maggie obviously cares about him, and the quick hand hold was adorable. Now that Bellamy is probably getting arrested because of his attempt to flee town, maybe he will end up in a jail cell with or next to Maggie and they can work on a relationship there. Of course, I want them to get out of jail as soon as possible to have an actual date, but whatever happens I will have to accept.

I was cracking up when Bellamy pulled his gun on the one cop in his cop car. He just locked the cop in the back of the car and for some reason I found that extremely hilarious. When Sheriff Langston got there he just looked and was like “Really? Why does this happen? These cops are terrible.” And then Sheriff Langston might’ve gotten himself into trouble with the army as well. So basically Maggie and her parents are just having really bad luck right now.

About Dr. Ward. Didn’t he leave in the previous episode? I can’t remember if he was planning to leave the night when everyone returned. He must’ve not made it to the airport or not even left yet because he was still in Arcadia and he watched Maggie get arrested. Also, his theory with the whole latitude-longitude number connection was apparently way off. I’m not good with geography, so I didn’t really understand this concept, but I just pretty much accepted it because I had no other ideas.

I was really sad when Jacob had to leave his parents. I don’t even know how I would feel if I had to do that sort of thing. He just came back like a month ago at the most and his father finally excepts him, and now he has to leave because he’s in danger.

The whole bug thing was really weird also. We didn’t get an excellent explanation, we just saw dead bugs or the shells of the bugs scattered across the road. And then the helicopter and the cars all closed in on Bellamy and Jacob. It was just kind of like “How did these people fine Bellamy and Jacob?” Because no one in town seemed to be paying much attention to the fact that the agent was gone. We don’t even see the cops come out of Henry and Lucille’s house saying that Jacob is gone and the only person he could be with his Bellamy so follow him, even though they had no idea where he was going.


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When Jenny’s mom was talking to the Langstons about their missing child Robert, my mind automatically went to Bellamy. So the whole episode I’m just sitting there waiting to see if he has a birthmark on the back of his neck. And it turned out he does. The timing seems a bit off to me, because I feel like he should be older. Another subject in school that I am not good at is history, so the clothing that Jenny and her family were wearing could well be from more recent in time than I’m thinking, so maybe his age is correct. Or maybe he’s also a Returned and he just came back way earlier than everyone else. I just really don’t know what’s going to happen next because I haven’t read the book and everything is just really insane to think about.

Now that I’ve thoroughly examined the episode, at least to the best of my abilities, I would like to say again how much I want a season two. We’re left with a lot of cliffhangers such as “How did these people come back?” and “What’s going to happen to Bellamy and Jacob?” and “Is Bellamy really Robert?” We need a season two to answer all these questions and probably more. I think that the ratings have done well enough to be renewed, even though they have gone down since the premiere. As I was looking through ABC’s television shows recently, I noticed that none of them have been renewed yet. I feel like the network has talked to the producers about whether the shows are renewed or not because Once Upon A Time is acting like they’ve already been renewed (and obviously it’s going to be because it’s one of their highest rated shows), but I guess I’m just not sure how ABC viewed Resurrection. I mean they did pick it up as a limited run, so they must’ve liked it at least a little bit.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really just want to season two so we know what happens next, and that’s that. Thank you for reading my three reviews about Resurrection and I will see you soon with reviews for a summer show, possibly, and hopefully in the fall for more Resurrection. Goodbye.

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