Resurrection 1×07 ‘Schemes of the Devil’: One dead and many alive


This episode of Resurrection was very intense. Not only was there a death, there was also many more returns. The end of the episode, as well as the preview for next week, leaves us with a lot of questions.

I was slightly disappointed in the fact that Maggie and the doctor didn’t make a bigger deal about the missing blood. They should have told Bellamy that the blood was gone because that means it disappeared when Caleb did. And since Rachael’s blood was still there we knew that she had not disappeared. However, Bellamy and Tom did find Rachael pretty quickly.

Right at the beginning of the episode, I knew that the little girl was one of the Returned. When they showed the girl’s mom it obviously meant that she was also a Returned so I knew there were at least two returns. Remember, Caleb said there were more coming. How many more? I guess we will find out next week, or you could just watch the preview and/or read the next paragraph.

Rachael died. And then we saw nine returns and heard through phone conversations that there were at least two more. Obviously the police station was filled with phone calls coming in, so there was most likely more. The preview does reveal through someone speaking that there are hundreds of Returns so obviously there’s a ton.

I really got tired of hearing Jacob’s name being called. I feel like it was yelled at least 15 times maybe more maybe slightly less but Jacob’s parents were running through the field looking for them and they found out he’d run away to give people food. So do they punish him or do they reward him because he’s being a good person? They are like him after all.

I’m excited to see where this leads. Next week being the season finale, I hope they kind of wrap it up in the chance that it’s not renewed for a season two, but I hope there’s at least a small cliffhanger that could lead into a season two. Hopefully there’s a season two.

Next week I hope we see Caleb again and I want to know how or why these people came back. Rachael came back twice. I also want to know why Maggie’s mother didn’t go to their house, and how Maggie knew where to find her mom. Something is obviously going on there. I don’t want to be left with all these big questions but I don’t want it to be a series finale.

Another big thing that I need to know:  ”Does Maggie have a crush on Bellamy?” They have been trying to figure this whole Returned situation out together since Bellamy arrived, so there’s that. Then there is the whole “Should I go?” “Yea, you should.” Maggie’s face when she heard that, she definitely wanted him to say that she should stay. Whether she likes him or if she just wanted a reason to not be near Mr. Doctor Man is unknown as of this episode. What we do know is that Maggie is most likely going to stay in Arcadia now because her mom is back. I guess the fact that so many other dead people are Returned could also impact her decision to stay.

Do you ship Agent Bellamy/Maggie? I am unsure whether I do or not. I would need to see them in a setting where a relationship could be possible. Right now they have more important things to worry about. Some other ships could include Tom/Rachael (They are having a baby after all, unless the whole dying twice thing messed that up), Tom/His Actual Wife Whose Name I Have Forgotten (for those people who think that Rachael is bad news and Tom needs to stay with his sensitive wife), or Lucille/Henry for obvious reasons.

Those are my thoughts for “Schemes of the Devil.” They were a bit scrambled, and I ended in a weird, relationship mindset for some reason. But I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and hopes for the upcoming week.

Make sure to tune in next week for “Torn Apart”, the season finale of Resurrection, when we might find out the answers to all the questions presented in this review and more.

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