Resurrection 1×06 ‘Home’: The church falls apart


I think “Home” really helped me enjoy the show more. The town of Arcadia is having problems. Not just the fact that three people have come back from the dead, but also the consequences that this event has created. Finally, those investigating the Returns are getting somewhere with how all of these people are connected and the ending really left me worried about what is going to happen next.

I have not read the novel by Jason Mott that this show is based upon, so I don’t know how closely the show is following the story. What I do know is that the show is finally getting somewhere and rising the stakes.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

One of The Returned has just disappeared and that creates a bigger question than just “How are these people coming back?” Now Jacob, Rachel, and those close to them have to worry about the two disappearing as well. I found myself worried that Jacob would vanish at least twice during the episode.

I was so happy that Dr. Ward came and actually had a theory as to how these people were connected. Although, his idea did seem a bit far-fetched. All that math, it just seems like a hassle and life is probably too lazy to use that equation. I am still thinking it has something to do with the river, a theory that was briefly discussed a few episodes ago.

I was also pleased that Henry was finally warming up to the idea that Jacob is indeed his son. He started to in previous episodes, but then he would pull back and get all angry about everything. This time, it appears that he will accept Jacob for who he is. Although, Henry did say that Jacob could disappear at any time, which is why he is finally accepting. But his prophecy may come true after seeing what happened to Caleb. Let’s just hope Jacob doesn’t start having a coughing fit…

I have a huge dislike for Helen. She threatened Rachael and then exposed Pastor Tom. She got into Janine’s head and I just cannot forgive her for that. I know Tom shouldn’t have done what he did. He should not have kept the secret that Rachael was still in town. He also shouldn’t have gotten Rachael pregnant. But he didn’t know she was pregnant, nor did he know that she would come back from the dead still with child. I do not blame Tom for anything that has happened.


Source: ABC

My biggest concern right now is for Rachael. I yelled “WHY DON’T YOU JUST CALL THE COPS?!?!” And then I realized she was with a cop. The two men probably wouldn’t let her use a phone anyway. I just need to know what happens next and why these two guys have taken Rachael.

The stakes have risen, and with only two episodes left this season, anything could happen. I am betting that there will be at least one more Return before the season ends. If I had to guess, I would probably say that it is going to be Maggie’s mother who turns up, possibly in a cliffhanger ending for the season.

According to Wikipedia, the US Viewers (in millions) has gone down a lot since the season premiere. I am hoping that this does not mean that the season finale is also the series finale. “Insomnia” had just over 8 Million viewers. I would say that’s pretty good. However, I don’t know if ABC will agree. I for one am hoping that there is a cliffhanger at the end of the season, just to get a good demand going for a renewal.

Thank you for reading my first post for Gotta Watch It! Sorry that it was short compared to the others, but I feel like I addressed most of my big opinions.

Make sure to catch next week’s episode “Schemes of the Devil” to find out what happens next.


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