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Proof 1×08 ‘Tsunami: Part Two’: An almost sad end

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We have proof! Patricia is gone, so that means it exists, all of it! And you know what? I was so freaking nervous last week that if we got a full touch of the other side, as in Cat being a believer, it wouldn’t work. The show would go nowhere after that. Well, I’m still not all that sure that much more needs to be done with Cat’s character, but there is room! It could happen! Also, I need Zed to stay in the country, get with Janel who everyone enjoys making sad, and Cat needs her job back. So season 2, you must happen!

I’m serious! That was one of the most well-done season finales that I have seen all year, and here’s why.

Cat has been on a precipice for weeks, and the flat line machine was the push that toppled over everything. The relationship she was getting back with her husband, gone. The job that she loves so much, gone. Her own belief in what she saw, gone. I knew it couldn’t last that would be way too depressing, but her meeting the other Helping Hands lady who knew Patricia was really gone, still made me exultant as hell.

It also gives a whole new dimension to what could happen next season. Yes, Cat believes, but now she has the task of making everyone else believe too. I won’t be surprised if the first few episodes are just devoted to getting the band back together with Zed and Janel, but also making her husband believe.

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

Which next to Zed leaving Janel, Les losing all faith in his wife just made my heart hurt. And it wasn’t even the romantic thing between those two that made me sad. It was just the fact that someone who supported and pretty much has revered her just couldn’t believe in what she had done, losing all of his faith in her was just brutal. I do love that Sophie stood with her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets in on the team next season.

It just can’t end here. It’s been so strong from the start and last night proved the strength it can sustain for seasons to come.

And Turing just proves that it should stay on as well. He literally should not be alive, but he talked through his brain surgery, and took an induced coma in stride, and still wants to keep going, keep working. I am so excited that his character didn’t stay off in the sidelines because he adds so much to the show. And of course he has so much more to give, so do all the other characters, especially if Cat now has to make the ones that matter, see and believe.

All in all I’m just glad this show exists and that it is trying to make a supernatural topic into scientific proof. Yeah I know the show is just fiction, but I get so sucked in that I can only hope that it’s real. That’s what great shows are made of.

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