Proof 1×08 ‘Tsunami: Part One’: A whole mess of hearts

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There were more than a few hearts that needed a shock tonight, and I’m not just talking about Turing that heart transplant guy. Matters of the heart became a serious sub-plot with Cat and Len, and Janel and Zed and their topsy-turvy relationships. The rest of the episode was given to the fact that Cat seems to be toeing the line between our side and the other one, and doesn’t know if she has the heart to go all the way. While this episode was really just a buildup to next week’s season finale, it proved to be one of the most dramatic of the season.

Aaaagggh I’m so torn between being ecstatic for Len and Cat and being beyond upset for Janel and Zed. What were you thinking, Zed?! You said you didn’t love your fiancée and that is literally what led you to being broke in America! Why go back on that?! And after such an adorable kiss with literally the most adorable person on the show!

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

Look at her! How could you make her sad?!

Anyway, after renewed sparks flew last week between the separated Len and Cat, a game of scrabble, some pizza, and a couple of beers later, proved to be the magic combination to get them together again. And then after having a relaxing and romantic night, Cat literally gets thrown into another world where her son was calling to her.

How scary would it be to be transported from the comfort of your own bed to the middle of a lake where your dead son keeps trying to take your hand? Poor Cat. Also, the whole not knowing what is reality and what isn’t has effed me up since The Matrix, so I can’t even believe how Cat feels.

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

I am a little worried though about what this means for the last episode. I hope this show that has, from the beginning, teetered the line between belief in the afterlife and skepiticism can handle itself if they actually prove that an afterlife exists. If Cat fully believes, I’m afraid that will really change the original concept of the show, and affect its future. If there even is a future for the show.

After being so strong from the start, I don’t think they would pull something as strange as that, but considering how far Cat’s character has progressed from the beginning, it can’t be taken off of the table.

I also wonder what really is going to happen to Turing, and I’m just praying that he won’t be a reason that I’ll be crying next week.

All in all I can’t believe how quickly this season passed, but I’m already getting myself pumped for the potential drama with a supernatural twang that will be next week.


Marnie Azzarelli

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